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Friday, June 8, 2012

Aroma Magic Vitamin E Nourishing Cream- review, photos

I've been a great fan of herbal brands like VLCC, Shahnaz Hussain & even Blossom Kochhar's Aroma Magic.  I've previously reviewed some products of this brand & if you go through them, you'll see that they have impressed me quite a lot. Recently I bought around 4-5 products of Aroma Magic & I'm here to review one.  The Aroma magic Vitamin- E Nourishing cream is the product that I've been using the past 10-12 days.

Aroma Magic Vitamin E Nourishing cream

A thick textured cream which can be used both as a day & night cream for dry skin.

What Aroma Magic says...

A light nourishing and rejuvenating cream. The shea butter and vitamins A, C, E and F help to keep skin young, healthy, prevent wrinkles, facial lines, fight anti aging and sun damage. Also lighten skin tone, blemishes and prevent stretch marks.


50 g


Rs 250


Extracts of carrot, Cucumber, Rose, Shea Butter, Vegetable Waxes & Vitamins A-C-E-F & pure essential oils of Patchouli, Germanium & Lavender.

How to use

Massage the cream onto face and neck after cleansing. Remove excess with damp cotton.

In the mirror of my own experience

I bought this cream around 10-15 days back, well honestly speaking, just to try something new & as I do trust Aroma Magic, I gave this a try. I found it really good as a night cream for summers so that my skin stays moisturized & it really does stay the same till morning!


The packaging is nothing elaborate, it's just a simple red & white one. The cream comes in a tub packaging with a lid on top, underneath which the mouth is covered with a thick paper. The packaging is lovely & most of Aroma Magic's products come in this sort.


The texture is pretty thick, smooth & buttery. It get's absorbed into the skin after around 15-20 seconds of application leaving a nice pleasant rosy fragrance! This cream will work perfectly for winters but in summers I prefer using it as a night cream. I've recommended this to some of my clients as well who suffer from dry skin problems even in summers.


I apply a little amount on my face & massage it till the cream gets absorbed. If extra amount gets onto my face which feels slightly heavy, I wipe it off with cotton.


It moisturizes the skin very well! makes it smooth & supple & I really love the rosy fragrance! If you have dry skin then this is perfect for you but make sure that you don't apply it in excess. The useful ingredients give a natural glow to your skin & I really love it's effect.

Good points

Very moisturizing!
Nice, pleasant fragrance.
The packaging is very convenient for use.
Can be used for dry skin in summers as well as winters. But in summers I would suggest you to use in the night time only.
The texture is good & it does not leave any oiliness on the skin.
Such useful ingredients have been used which are beneficial for the skin!

Bad points

Quite rich for normal & oily skin. 


I love using it as a night cream, in fact Vitamin E creams are usually used as night creams only. It's a good buy & I use it on days when my skin feels dry.




I would recommend this to you only if you have dry skin because it's a great cream for such skin type!


Available at all Aroma Magic counters throughout the country.

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