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Monday, March 12, 2012

Soulflower Rose & Geranium Bath Salt- review, photos

Sometimes when you feel too tired after your daily hectic schedule, what do you do then? Take a hot bath, some rest or a deep sleep.Because a relaxing bath makes your body fresh and you feel a new strength coming back in your body but sometimes when you want to be out from your fatigue  and pain, sometimes when you feel depressed, a special bath can always assist you from getting out of this & becoming fresh for a new start! for such a bath a bath salt is really essential which has the beautiful aroma & natural ingredients to relax you.

Today I'm reviewing a Bath salt from Soulflower which is made up of Rose & geranium.

Do you know what are the bath salts?

Our formulations offer relief from dry skin, fatigue, stress & muscle pain. These natural mineral salts draw out impurities from your body & stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. Rose Geranium Aroma Bath Salt contain Epsom Salts helps relax sore muscles and joints. Sea Salts relieve muscle and body ache, act as an antiseptic to reduce inflammations and bacteria. Sodium Bicarbonate has soothing properties, relieves itching, soothe insect bites & burns.

What  Soulflower says….

Contains pure rosehip & geranium essential oil with a distinctive warm, intense, immensely rich fragrance. Sinking into a tub of this Rose Geranium Bath Salt feels like you're lying back in a cloud of roses.


400 Gm


Rs 350


It comes in a transparent jar through which you can see the bath salt. Has a covering of butter paper with an artificial rose over the lid. After removing that you can see the black lid & you can take out the product in the cap itself after opening it.


Rosehip essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Thai Herbs, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom Salts, Seasalts, Permitted Colourings.

How to use

Add just 2 capfuls of Rose Geranium Aroma Bath Salt in your warm bath for a well balanced nutrition & moisture for the skin. Or dip a towel in a tub of bath salts & hot water & place over aching muscles.

In the mirror of my own experience

I was excitedly wanted to try this bath salt but every time I forgot and took a quick bath but that day I went to a friends marriage anniversary’s function and came back too late night. I was feeling too tired that I couldn’t sleep properly that night. Next morning I had a headache and my body was paining a lot. After a light breakfast, I decided to take a hot bath to reduce some pain & tiredness.
I had almost forgotten that day as well but suddenly I remembered about the bath salt and I went back to my room and brought the bottle with me. I added two capful of bath salt in the warm water of my bath tub, sank down my body into the water try to feel relaxed. The wet rose fragrance hit to my mind and made it stress-free and calm. I felt for a while that I was surrounded with a ton of roses. The lovely smell made me stupor and I closed my eyes in relax. I remained in this condition for 15 minute and then bathe.  When I came back after bathing I was feeling completely relaxed and soothing. All the pain and exhaustion had gone and I got a new strength to do my work normally. That was a wonderful experience which I’ll want to repeat again and again.

Good points

The packaging is not extraordinary but still looks beautiful because the rosy shade bath salt shows up from the transparent jar & looks appealing!
The rose smell makes your mind fresh and calm.
It’s completely natural and advantageous for our body and skin.
It helps in removing toxins from the body.
It contains pure rosehip & geranium essential oil which works wonder for the skin.
It makes the body rejuvenated and thrilled.
It gives your body a new strength and makes it relaxed.
It’s really very effective.
Bad points

The packaging could be made even more attractive.


I really love this bath salt and after my experience I have decided to keep one jar always in my bathroom cupboard. Whenever I feel tired and restless, I use this salt to make my body muscles relaxed and trust me my body always thanks me after bathing. It’s really a best tool to make your body fresh and comforting. I want to try other fragrance salt.




I'll surely recommend it to everyone who can get hold of this bath salt! It's a great product which should be used by all!


Available on Soulflower's website- HERE

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