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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Queen Cosmetics Sensiderma Renew & Refine- Review, photos

Hi everyone,
winter is coming so everyone would be prepared to face the dry and chill weather. I know that most of person love this season because a lot of fun and enjoy can be done in this weather but dry skin person always be uncomfortable with this season. If your skin is dry and sensitive too, then problem increase. But some precautions and with some good products according to your skin can solve your problem and you too enjoy and celebrate this weather with your soft and healthy skin. Today I'm going to introduce a useful product for dry, mature and sensitive skin. 

Queen Sensiderma Renew and Refine

This is effective formula for dry, sensitive and mature skin. It can be more effective in dry and cold weather to those who have dry skin.

What Queen Cosmetics says....

A silky cream to soften the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smooth and more youthful looking. Especially formulated for sensitive skin.

Net weight
45 ml



How to apply
Use as your regular moisturizer or apply to areas of fine lines and wrinkles on face, neck and decollete.


The packaging is very elegant! Come in a sleek, transparent plastic bottle which is very light weight & travel friendly. Has a silver cap & a pump to take out the required amount of product.

The texture of  this cream cream is neither thick nor runny. Very few amount is enough to cover the whole face. The skin absorbs it very quickly.

In the mirror of my own experience

When Queen Cosmetics approached me to review some of their products, I chose some skin care products as well as cosmetic products because I had read that this brand is famous for their skincare products especially for sensitive, dry and mature skin. I wanted to examine their claim so at first I gave it to my mother in law for using it at least about one month. I wanted to know how it works for mature skin. My mother in law has super dry skin. She used it for about one month and was very happy with its results. I too applied it about one week and amazed to notice that it's not only for mature skin but for normal skin-dry skin too. The texture was not too thick so it never made my skin oily and greasy. I took out a very less amount of the product and applied it on my damp face. My skin absorbed the product so quickly and felt really soft and smooth for the whole day. But the main test of this product had to come after one month so I waited and trust me, only after 15 days using, my mother in law seemed to be so happy with its results and thanked for giving her this cream. I was really surprised to see the results of this cream on her face. I'm not saying that her face had become young and all the wrinkles had disappeared but I saw a clear freshness on her face, a tightness which I had not seen on her face before. She was very pleased with this cream and after one month this freshness and tightness increased more and I have to accept the greatness of this brand. They really honest in their claim. I think this is a super effective product of Queen Cosmetics.

Good points

I love its slim, light weight packaging which is very easy to carry out. The pump enables us to take out the required amount of product.

The texture is just perfect & gets absorbed very quickly leaving a very soft & smooth effect!

Very little amount is sufficient to cover the whole face.

Tightens & moisturizes the skin well! Does not make it greasy at all.

Very effective for normal-dry & mature skin.

Bad points

Not good for oily skin.

Some may find it a bit pricey.

Available only online.



Finally I would say that this a very effective product fro mature skin as well as dry skin. So I would like to recommend this to all those who want something to tighten, freshen & moisturize their skin. 

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