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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dolly Eye Gorgeous Purple lens from EyeCandy lens- review, pics & EOTD

Hi everyone,
These days I'm really loving wearing circle lenses in my eyes. I have tried green and gray lens and I really love them because both gave a new look to my eyes. I had thought of wearing green lens on Eid but the hectic schedule of the festival didn't allow me to do so. But now I'm free and relaxed so today I'm going to introduce another  new pair of  lens in front of  my readers.

I was contacted by who wanted me to review their lens & so finally I decided to try a pair of Dolly Eye Gorgeous Purple lens.

Some words about EyeCandy lens was established after months of extensive research and experimentation to find the best quality products we could find.  Our specialty is cosmetic color circle and contact lenses.   We are dedicated to helping our customers enhance their confidence and charisma through this novel beauty tool.  Together with our network of physical stores in Asia's fashion hotspots, we are always working hard to bring you the latest rare and trendy products at the best possible prices.  Having served thousands of customers worldwide, we are committed to providing the complete package: fresh and quality products paired with unbeatable professional customer service and follow-up care.

Dolly Eye gorgeous Purple Circle lens

Brand: Seeshell
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 42%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable



In the mirror of my own experience

When I saw this purple lens, I thought it's not a natural color so I'll never wear it in public place but after wearing them I was surprised to see that they were looking surprisingly natural and matched very much with my natural eye color. The color purple is not the natural color of the eyes but the design and pattern of this lens is so beautiful that they don't give the feeling of an odd color. I'll appreciate the designers of these lens who have made an unnatural color but still it blends so well with the natural color of the eyes. If you ask me the experience of wearing these lens then that was very easy and a comfortable one. I wore the lenses without any problem and after wearing them I didn't feel any irritation or itching in my eyes. I wore them for about 4-5 hours and during this period I didn't feel any problem at all. They were so comfortable and cosy on wearing. I really love them! I removed them very easily after 4-5 hour. The most important thing is that they were very comfortable for such a long period. 

About Dolly Eye Gorgeous Purple

A close up:

Like my gray lens, these are incredibly comfortable and super easy in wearing and even while removing. I’m completely pleased with the quality of these lenses. I didn’t find any fault in them. The most important feature is its color and design which is created so as to match well with the natural eyes. The color and design are suitable for every type of eyes and even skin tones. I'm really loving these!!!!


Finally I can say without any hesitation that these are one of  my favorite lens and I'll want to try them again and again.
I myself am so happy with their quality so I highly recommend it to my readers and friend to try this lens. Hey try them with your purple dress, believe me you will look extra ordinary in heavy crowds too.
And what's can get a free gift with every purchase by using the code CHAMBER
EyeCandy Lens- Website, Facebook, Twitter

So girls what do you think about these purple lenses?? 
Do you like wearing circle lens??? 
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