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Monday, September 5, 2011

Diana of London Movie magic mascara- review, pics, EOTD

Hi everyone,
As you all know that mascara is the most important part of eye makeup. We apply different types of eye shadows and define our eyes with a good eye liner or pencil but without mascara our all efforts to make our eyes beautiful become useless. But sometimes good mascaras makes our eyes naturally beautiful without using any eyeliner or eye shadow. So mascara is an essential element of eye makeup. Very few of us are gifted naturally long lashes, most of us need high-quality mascara which can give a strong volume to our lashes. I have been always searching a fine mascara for my lashes because my lashes are so thin and an ordinary mascara can never be able to give them some volume. I tried many brands but was never satisfied, it seems as if  that now my search is over. After using the new Movie Magic mascara from Diana of London, I’m really happy with it's quality and its results. Hey sorry, at first I should introduce you about this mascara, so plz take a look.

Movie Magic Mascara

This is a very effective mascara to give high length and volume to the lashes from Diana of London.

 What it claims

Mascara with specially designed brush & exclusive formula

Specially designed brush

Gives the right length & perfect Definition

Exclusive formula, volumizes instantly, for thicker beautiful lashes

  Lanolin free

Strengthens & makes lashes naturally strong


Rs 585



I love its packaging simple and handy in light green color which looks very pretty & funky!!!


I think the applicator is the most important part of a mascara. The Movie Magic mascara has a fine applicator which is just like a comb for the lashes. The brush of applicator is long which is completely able to cover all the lashes in one apply. The brush like applicator helps application as well as combs the lashes.

How to apply

 Starting in the middle of the upper eyelash, apply cosmetic mascara in upward parallel strokes through your top lashes from below the upper lashes combing them upwards, and working your way to the edges. Lightly stroke down the bottom lashes, moving from the inner to the outer corner of the eye & comb lashes from base to tip.

In the mirror of my own experience

To be honest, I had not much expectation with its quality because I've never used anything  from this brand before. The packaging was also quite simple but funky and did not seem to be like a high brand mascara but after the first application with its impressive applicator I was highly impressed with its quality. It did a pretty good job lengthening my invisible flat lashes. It volumizes well and gives a bit of length to my lashes too. I noticed the difference only after one coat of applying. After two coats I was satisfied with my lashes. The staying power of this mascara is also very impressive because on the festival (Eid) day I had applied it at about at 11 am and after the whole day I found it in the same condition. So I got everything in this mascara which one expects from a good mascara.
Good points

Simple but cute packaging.
The applicator which is the most impressive part of this mascara which defines the lashes beautifully and gives a good length. The brush design is such that it separates out the lashes too.
It does a pretty good job of lengthening my invisible flat lashes.
The staying power is really very nice.
It gives volumes and length to the lashes very neatly and give a naturally effect to the eyes. It doesn't look dramatic.
The difference shows clearly only in one coat.
It's not a water proof mascara so gets removed easily.
The price is reasonable to see its quality.

Bad points
Not available everywhere but they are trying to extent their business further & in my opinion they should do it soon as such impressive & affordable products should be available everywhere.
It's not a water proof mascara but they have some other mascaras out of which you can choose a water proof one.
Except this I didn't find any bad point in this product.

Finally I can say that I'm highly impressed by this product. It has everything which should be in a good quality mascara. High quality, super effects and reasonable price makes it a very impressive mascara. 

I highly recommend it to my readers and friends. After using it I can say that it's worth  buying again and again.

Diana of London- Website, Facebook, Twitter

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