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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette- review, swatches & photos

Hello my readers and friends,

A few weeks ago I had reviewed the Caribbean Curacao palette from Sleek Makeup & my readers liked it so much that I’m still receiving mails related that post. No doubt that Sleek Makeup is so much famous between the eye shadow lovers. So today I’m going to review another palette which has been recently launched.

I was wondering about this palette due to it's name and so searched it online, when I saw its shades; I realized that I hadn’t seen such unique shades in any single palette. I had wished to buy this palette then but it’s my luck that I got a chance to try it before its launch. Hey I’ll share my experience with this special palette but before it let me write some more information about it.

Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

This palette has 12 colors in it. Some are shimmery and some matte. All are daily wearable shades, perfect for both day and night occasions.

What it claims

It’s the ultimate i-Divine that every woman should have in her possession, with 12 flattering on-trend shades to suit all skin tones no matter what the occasion, the Oh So Special palette will always deliver the perfect results.

$ 12.60

I have described about its beautiful packaging before in my previous post of Carribean palette but still want to write something again. The packaging is a sleek black matte casing. There is “Sleek Makeup” embossed on the flap. On the inside is the wide mirror. There is a transparent plastic sheet with names of the eyeshadows printed on it just like their Carribean palette.The palette also includes a duo felt tip long applicator which can be quite useful if you use an applicator for applying your shadow.

Why is it So Special
You'll realized its specialty just after opening the case. You'll find some very different and unique colors combinations in this palette. Rare colors, which you never can find in any single palette. It’s almost a ‘day and night’ palette too (the left half, with its light shades, being day; the right, with its dark shades, being night.

The main special thing is that both day and night colors are entirely different and unique. As an example: its pink shade (Ribbon) is totally only one of its kind pink, it’s so natural that I have applied it on my cheeks as a blush and it looks like as pink as my cheeks often look after waking up in the morning. It’s a lovely soooo special blush as well as a shadow. In same manner, every color has its own specialty. All three pinks, plum and natural browns….hmmm love them.

The pigmentation of most of colors is amazing. You can find the true color without applying any primer. They blend like a dream. You can feel its creaminess during blending it on your lids. A bit fall out in some dark colors but you can easily manage it. I have applied it more that my Curacao palette and every time after seeing my eyes, I said ‘Oh Really So Special.

Oh..they are all super pigmented. Some are so intensive that only one touch is enough to find the right color. Only one color (Mail) is not intensive and a bit harder to take out on the brush. Rest of all colors are superbly pigmented for the most part and blend well as a whole.

Lasting power
I applied it for a visit to a farmhouse on the countryside. The shadow stayed almost whole day and I found it fading a bit after returning home which was making the shadow so lovely because it had become only light in shade not patchy on my lids. After my experience I can say that it has a very strong staying power.

Almost all color's texture is buttery and soft creamy. So smooth and easy to blend on the lids.
Now let me examine the shades of this palette.

It’s vanilla coloured eyeshadow. A perfect highlighting color.

A peach with a hint of bronze. It's a rare pink color and hard to explain to write. it's just a pinkish gold metallic finish eyeshadow. Very smooth and gives a incredible finsh after applying on the lids.

I have already described it above but in short words, It’s a coraly natural pink matte finish eyeshadow to which i have applied as a blush on my cheeks many times.You can see its effects as a blush HERE.

Gift Basket
A dazzling metallic bronzy brown eyeshadow, very smooth and intensive in color.

Glitz : Another unique shade of this palette.It’s a rich graphite metallic grey. It has a hint of bluish undertone to it. Can be use for a perfect smokey eye makeup. So smooth in applying. Amazing pigmentation.

Celebrate – A deep berried brown..almost magenta, one more rare color which applies like applying butter on bread..haha...very nice.

Bottom row left to right :

Pamper : It’s a matte peachy pink eyeshadow. It's also can be use as a blush to get a very light natural finish and apply just below the crease with mix any dark color. you can apply it all over of lids too.

Gateau: A subtle duo-chromed pink-gold which is so beautiful. It has duo chrome effect to it. Very smooth in blending and demanding in color.

The Mail
It’s a matte yellow based brown eyeshadow. It's the single color in this palette which i found not so pigmented. Have to taken out again and again to find exact color.

A soft matte deep chocolatey brown eyeshadow which looks great with Noir. I have done a makeup look with these shadows and I really love it.

Wrapped Up
A cool-toned dark brown with taupe and subtle purple hints. Another unusual shade of this palette. I love it.

A smooth dark matte black. Very true to its name. I never seen more dark and smooth black shade in any palette. It's beautiful.

The swatches

First Row

Second row

Final thoughts
Finally...all I can say is that it's my most favorite palette. It has given me a chance to create many makeup looks. I can wear all its colors on many occasions both day or night. The most important thing is to give a balance in shimmer and matte colors and a great mixture of light and dark colors which easily can be make a combination for many eye makeup looks. The packaging, pigmentation, collection of shades, buttery texture and long lasting power, everthing which one can imagine in a dreamy palette is available here. Sleek Makeup has given a really Special gift to all eye shadow junkies. I want to say thanks to Sleek Makeup for producing such a lovely palette.


After reading my review you can imagine how much I recommend it to my readers. This Special palette should be an essential part of your eye shadow collection because you can't get such colors even in a 80-88 colors palette.


So girls, do you have this special palette in your eye shadow collection? what your views about it? Would you like to share your experience with me?

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