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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Light up your lips with Elizabeth Grant!

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are fine, our Ramadan’s fasts are going on and the life is quite busy these days. I have a lot of products to review for you but due to the busy schedule I’m not able to do it very quickly.

But today I’ll not disappoint you at all and have come with some lovely products which will definitely make you happy and excited. If you ask about me then a lip color always can make me thrilled whether it’s a lipstick or lip gloss. You can call me a lip color addict…:D :D

Today I’m going to show you these cute lip glosses from Elizabeth Grant.

Light Up Your Lips Lip Gloss

This is the sweet name of these lip glosses from Elizabeth Grant which are really not an ordinary lip gloss which only makes your lips colorful smooth and shiny. These lip glosses have something extra which makes you feel something special.

What it claims
Lights, camera, action! Let your luscious lips own the spotlight. Light Up Your Lips glosses are high pigment, ultra shiny, deeply hydrating, and NOT sticky. Refresh your gloss effortlessly in any situation using the gentle glow of a LED light and glamorous gold mirror attached to the tube. Never be without sparkling lustrous lips again.
It contains moisturizing Torricelumn making lips appear fuller and smoother with every application.
This a natural substance used to treat heal wounded skin. It is extracted from the fronds and within the pods of kelp. The kelp pods keep the seawood floating on the ocean's surface, allowing them to absorb sunlight, photosynthesizing oxygen, the source of life and energy. The seawater absorbed by kelp is similar to human plasma, allowing users to get benefits from sea vitamins and minerals, too.

Light orangish pink:
Natural red

Net weight
6 ml


These lip glosses are available in a wide range of beautiful shades from feminine neutrals to fierce brights.
The shades which I have, are light orangish pink and natural red.

The packaging is no doubt very classy and elegant. It comes in a transparent tube with golden cap but the things which make this lip gloss more special are the gentle glow of a LED light and glamorous gold mirror attached to the tube.

In the mirror of my own experience
These elegant lip glosses are glossy and shimmery, and they make the lips appear fuller and smoother with every application. When I first applied it on my lips I was really impressed by the look it gave to my lips especially the pink one. The LED light in its applicator is not only for a stylish look but it's very helpful in application. The light falls directly upon the lips while applying the gloss. You are able to look clearly how the gloss illustrates & illuminates your lips. So you can see what you're doing, even when the outside lights are low, or off, without having to lug the equipment to do it. The mirror and light attached makes it a travel-friendly product, too. It's also a conversation starter. If you want to reapply lip gloss, you won’t need to go to the bathroom since you’ll have a light in your tube itself. Anyways, I want to say something about the product inside the tube. I love both of the shades but my favorite is of course the pink. It is a pretty orangish pink, it is richly pigmented and gives lips a nice creamy look. It looks beautiful on the lips. Some people tend to complain about the smell but i dont mind it at all. The natural red has also some specialty in it. After wearing it you'll just love your lips, because it gives a natural beauty to your lips. I can wear these glosses any of my dress either it be a casual or party. The consistency isn't too runny or sticky and the best thing of this lip gloss is its long lasting power. I applied it on my friends birthday and returned home about after 5-6 hours and I didn't need to reapply it again and the gloss didn't disappear even after the dinner. I really like how long these stay on the lips too - they lasted throughout a meal for me!

Good points
Love the classy & elegant packaging.
The Led light in the applicator proves to be very helpful in application.
The mirror and the light attached makes it a travel-friendly product.
These are richly pigmented and give the lips a nice creamy look.
I love the smell, It makes my mind fresh.
The consistency isn't too runny or sticky.
The lasting power of these glosses is very long lasting which you never find in any other ordinary gloss.
It's not sticky at all.


Bad points
Not available in India, can only be purchased online. But the only satisfaction is that they ship worldwide and the products arrive safely within a very short time.
I haven't found any other bad point at all.

Finally I really love these lovely lip glosses and will want to apply them again and again because they have given a really nice look to my lips. The sense of saying "nice" is something different, which I surely felt after applying it. Very soon I'll be posting a makeup look in which I've used these glosses.


I would really want to recommend these great elegant lip glosses to my readers and friends. No doubt, these are great & I would surely love to purchase more shades!!

So Girls aren't these glosses are pretty and elegant? have you ever tried them then what do you think about it? Didn't you feel something great after applying them?
Elizabeth Grant- Website, Facebook, Twitter

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