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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Himalaya Herbals Gentle Refreshing Toner- Review & pics

Hi beautiful ladies,
It's time for another review. As you already know that I love using Himalaya products and have reviewed many products from this brand before. But it's summer time so thought of reviewing something that suits this season. So today's review is all about
Himalaya herbals Gentle Refreshing Toner.
Toner is an important part of our skin routine in summers so take a look at what i think about this toner.

What it claims:

A special blend of herbs that controls excess oil secretion and makes your skin oil-free. It is enriched with Lemon and Jasmine which refresh and cool your skin, Sensitive Plant extracts that control excess oil secretion, and Sweet Marjoram that nourishes the skin, to keep it healthy and radiant.

Key Ingredients:

Jasminum sambac
(Jasmine, Jati)
Mimosa pudica
(Sensitive Plant, Lajjalu)
Origanum majorana
(Marjoram, Marubaka)
Citrus limon
(Lemon, Nimbuka)

Rs 70

Net Volume

Directions for use
After using Himalaya Herbals Deep Cleansing Milk, pour a few drops of Gentle Refreshing Toner on a cotton pad and wipe thoroughly over your face and neck.

Comes in a semi-transparent plastic bottle which is not at all bulky or heavy. The green screw cap makes it very secure & safe. Inside there's another plastic cap with a small hole in between. Although it's a handy bottle but I would surely prefer a spray bottle for a toner rather than this one as in my opinion it's not that convenient.

In the mirror of my own experience
As I've mentioned many times before also that during summers & monsoons my skin becomes a bit oily/normal & for that I need to change my skincare products as well. A toner is quite essential for me when I come home from somewhere outside. When i decided to use this toner for the first time, the smell that reached me was really rejuvenating. It was light and refreshing! I used it 3-4 times and realized that it did not make my skin any more oily & not even dry. So that really proves that it can be used for all skin types.

Good points
It's alcohol free which makes it quite harmless.
Refreshes the skin making it oil-free.
Has a lovely fragrance.
It's very mild & does not feel heavy on the skin.
Although there are some faults in the packaging but yet it is very hygienic & handy. You can take out the required amount.
The ingredients are such that will keep the skin healthy.
Very decently priced and lasts long.

Transparent liquid is the toner...just like water :D

Bad points
As I've already mentioned that i would prefer a toner in a spray bottle.
Contains parabens :(

Finally i would say that it's a very inexpensive product & even then it's quite good and one should surely give it a try at least once.

So girls what do you think about this toner...was my review helpful? By the way, which toner do you guys prefer using?

Himalaya Herbals on Facebook, another one for Himalaya India- HERE

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