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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lakme eye shadow quartet- Tanjore Rush ( Review and swatches)

Hello ladies, Here I am back with a new post. Today I'm gonna review Lakme Gypsy collection eye shadow quartet Tanjore Rush.

I know I'm really late in reviewing this but anyways when bloggers reviewed these palettes this was my favorite one. As you people know that it was my is marriage last month so I thought why not do her bridal makeup myself so as to utilize my skills. Her dress was green and maroon so I needed a palette which had green, maroon and golden shades in it. Then I remembered about his palette and yeah I bought it!!

What it claims- Versatile quartets of vivid, high intensity powders put together to color, shape and highlight your eyes in an explosion of radiant color.

Price- Rs 425

As you know there are 4 shades in this palette and all are shimmery.
Tanjore Rush consist of golden yellow shade, bronze, forest green and wine purple.

Here are are my views on all these shades-

1. The first one is a wine purple shade. Such a gorgeous shade...Isn't it? Can be used to create a smokey eye look too.

2. The second one is forest green or you can call it a blackish green shade and this one is my favorite. Has a lovely texture and blends well.

3. The third one is a mixture of maroon and bronze. A nice shade and this one adds another bronze in my bronze-copper collection. Haven't used this one much till now.

4. The last one is a yellowish golden shade. I was not much impressed by this shade as it was not the perfect golden which I wanted. But still it has it's own quality so can't just kick it off.



All shades are super pigmented.

Silky and shimmery vibrant ones. Very well suited for night makeup and party looks.

Their lasting power is...well... not veryyy good but not very bad. They last up to 3-4 hours which is good enough.


All shades are shimmery and very loud ones. I suppose they could have added one matte shade too.
The applicator is not a good one.
The sponge tip does not give a nice coverage and blending.

Here are the swatches only 2 swipes each-

Will I recommend it- Yes certainly! I'm very impressed by this palette and would surely tell my readers to try it out especially for festive occasions.

Soon I'll do a post posting pics of my sis' makeup which I had done.

So guys have to tried this palette? What do you think about it?


  1. hey cool review.I stay away from lakme eyeshadows as I find it so difficult to blend.but the colors look so pretty!

  2. Thank you for your review; that sounds and looks impressive.
    The eyeshadows seem to be so very well pigmented - a dream come true.
    But I don't think, that they are available in Germany unfortunately.

    Have a nice weekend!


    PS: Will not write any review about the new Nivea Make Up Pure and Natural, because it is no longer sold in Germany (complete range).
    How is this in India?
    If you want, I will write a review for you; it is very good!

  3. hey... nice review... :) though i do not prefer to use Lakme shadows as they smudge a lot on me :( but its grt that it worked for u... lucky you ! :)

  4. Wow! Those shadows are so pigmented and pretty! =)

  5. imw- Hey Anju I guess you should surely try this one...they do blend quite well. Will post pics of my sis' makeup and you can see the blending.

    Britta- Thanks Britta...You're so good. I'll surely search for it here.

    Samyukta- Thanks!

  6. Those colorus are really cute and wearable (^_^)

  7. I love the beautiful, colorful colors! Thanks for the review, you alway introduce me to cool new brands :)


  8. Such a gorgeous jewel toned palette.

  9. Love all the glittery colors but they just don't match me! Even that pallet is so adorable.

    Have a FAB day! (;
    Sanny's Head to Heart

  10. @ Sanny- Thanks!

    @FFB- it:))

    Val- Thanks honey:))

    Bhumika- Yeah that's my fav too!

  11. oh that palette is so pretty hun,I would love to own this!!!great swatches&review

  12. last time i had almost picked this 1.. this time m gonna buy this 1 for sure k..thnx for the review..

  13. All these shades look so vibrant and pretty! I am defo going to get myself some Lakme palettes on my next trip to India! xoxo

  14. I like that blackish green color the best, it is a delightful palette :)

  15. those are my colors!!! =))) the palette is sooo stunning!!

  16. @The Beautifier-hey when will you come to India Sonali? I'm happy you liked this.

    @Tanveer- Yeah that's my fav shade:))

  17. those colours look amazing :)
    gorgeous post!! x

  18. wow lovely i wish lakme introduce thier product in pakistan


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