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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Why Exercise Is Good For Skin Exercise Is Good For Skin/article
Exercise can be defined as an activity that is done repeatedly for conditioning the body. It may include the use of tools and machines like thread mill, stationary bike, dumbbells, and even ropes. Exercise is a good activity because it gives the body a lot of benefits.
There are many reasons why we exercise. It can be because you are preparing for summer and would like to use the new bikini you bought two weeks ago. Losing some pounds and getting physically fit is also a common reason. Exercise Is Good For Skin/article
Unknown to many, exercise has tremendous effects on the skin. And the good news is, they all help to improve the overall condition and appearance of the skin. Our skin is the biggest organ in the body and let’s face it, having a good skin is something that we are all wishing for. A clear, radiant and healthy skin makes a person more confident in facing other people. We are all born with a smooth and ultra-soft skin that is affected by different factors like the ultraviolet radiation from the sun, pollution, and chemicals.
While many will turn to beauty products like facial cleanser, toners, and the likes, a few have already seen the effects of exercise on their skin. It may be a difficult routine to create but soon, your skin will thank you for having a regular workout session. To convince you into working out, here are some of the benefits of exercise to your skin. Exercise Is Good For Skin/article
Helps To Achieve A Smoother and Radiant Skin
Beauty enthusiast will be surprised to know that there is one beauty routine that is inexpensive and can do wonders to their skin. Whenever you exercise, the arteries in your skin opens up. This helps to deliver more oxygen to the skin's surface and also helps to repair skin damage brought about by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and other chemicals.
During exercise, your pores dilate and sweat removes underlying dirt and excess oil. This is synonymous to having a facial but is not as expensive. Sweating a lot may sound yucky but it is a way of the skin to remove impurities from within. Just always remember post work out hygiene, otherwise, these toxins might just get back into your open pores. Also, as you do your regular exercise, the body produces collagen which is a protein that is responsible for making the skin firm and elastics
Prevents Further Skin Breakouts
Doing physical activities like running and jogging result in increased blood circulation. Blood and oxygen flow in the skin and helps to flush out toxins from the body. These toxins are the cause of clogged pores which later leads to pimples and acne breakouts.
Helps To Have a Better Sleep
Engaging in physical activities helps a person to sleep better. We all know that having at least 8 hours of sleep per day is important. Aside from recharging the body and making it ready for the nest day's activity, it is also during sleep when repair of cells and tissues happen. This result to a healthier looking skin.
Exercise is indeed good for the body and for the skin as well. Go ahead! Start your exercise routine and have a healthier skin in no time!
Instant Glow
After you finished with your activity, you will notice a healthy glow in your skin. This is because, during exercise, the skin is being supplied with an adequate amount of oxygenated blood. It also gives a little color to your pale skin which looks like a natural blush on.
Prevents Wrinkles
Exercise plays a role in maintaining a healthy level of the stress-related hormone known as cortisol. When this hormone is elevated, it leads to increased production of sebum. Having oily skin is one of the major cause of skin imperfections like pimples, blackheads, and dull looking skin.
Makes The Hair Healthier
Aside from all the benefits to the skin, working out also makes the hair healthy. Improved blood flow in the scalp area makes the strands of the hair stronger and shinier. This is because oxygenated blood contains many nutrients which stimulate hair follicles and makes them healthy as they grow longer.
Stress Reliever
Simple activities like a long walk, a dance class, or playing tennis will help you clear your mind. The key is to look for a workout that you will enjoy. Doing a physical activity on a regular basis can reduce stress. Remember that a stressed out skin makes you feel older and yes, it makes the skin unattractive. Do your skin a favor. Stay away from stress and try to relax!

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