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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

VICHY LiftActiv Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price

After crossing 30, you can see a clear difference in your skin texture. Your skin starts to lose its firmness and elasticity. Sometimes you get some mature and premature wrinkles and fine lines and uneven skin tone. I also noticed some of these difference after crossing 30 and started using anti-aging products but not regularly. But it was my unfortunate problem of insomnia that made me serious about taking care of my skin routine. I have been using some anti-aging products regularly after that. Recently I was sent the Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème for a trial. I accept that I had never used this brand before because It was not available in my city and of course the cost factor. The good news is that Vichy is now available here as well. Today I'm here with my experience with Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème after using it for two weeks.

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

What company says...

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

WHO IS THIS FOR? For those concerned with the onset of wrinkles and a lack of firmness. The look of tiredness and fatigue can set in by the end of the day, accentuating their appearance.
Our advanced daily care that targets the signs of ageing as they appear. Smoothing and firming, day after day.
The signs of ageing can appear to intensify over the day. Over time this can alter skin’s youthful look. Liftactiv Supreme is our 1st everyday moisturiser with a unique formula to boost radiance, make wrinkles look smoother and skin feel firmer.
Skin looks smoother & feels firmer – day after day
No Parabens. Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic.
Instant soft-focus and smoothing effect. Skin feels softer to the touch. Penetrates quickly, provides a fresh and comfortable feel. 

About this product-

From a dulling complexion to the increased visibility of lines - over-day ageing is a phenomenon that all women experience but know little about. For the 1st time, Vichy Laboratoires from the house of L’Oréal has proven that signs of aging become more pronounced over the course of the day. 1 in 2 women think that they look older in the evening than in the morning. It’s not just the years that give away a woman’s age, it’s each passing day. In an exclusive clinical study, Vichy identified that dull complexion, deepening wrinkles and sagging features give skin its “tired look” by the end of the day. Lift Activ Supreme is the first product in the market to combat day ageing.Visibility of ageing signs are accentuated by daily ageing and it is extremely important to fight against day ageing as much as long term ageing. 

Enriched with 3D optical correctors, the moisturiser gives an immediate blurring effect to help give a more youthful, luminous glow.Exclusive Dayproof Technology combines Caffeine + Adenosine for younger-looking features all day.Rhamnose and powerful antioxidant Neohesperidine help reduce the look of wrinkles over time to give your skin lasting firmness and visibly reduced wrinkles.
Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

LiftActiv Supreme contains fortifying and soothing Vichy Thermal Spa Water and is Paraben-free.

In the mirror of my own experience 


Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème comes in a silver packaging box. Inside the box, the product comes in a glass jar with a silver screw lid that has a mirror finish top. The packaging is though a bit heavy but beautiful and classy. I love the mirror finish top lid that will be useful while travelling.

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

Smell &Texture

Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème is creamy white in colour. It has a light fragrance that you’ll not even note. The texture is slightly rich but perfect for normal to combination skin. The crème absorbs into the skin very easily. It doesn’t leave any oiliness behind and moisturise the skin very well.

Application & Effect

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

After the first application, I felt a cool, semi-matte and smooth effect on my skin. I have been using it for about two weeks, both day and night. In the morning, I apply Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème after washing my face. I don’t cleanse my face in the morning by cleanser though I think it daily. Yes, I apply it on my bare skin. I really love how well it moisturise my skin without making it greasy. A small quantity is needed to cover the whole face and neck. It’s horrible in summers, here in India, almost 40-degree temperatures, so I feel my skin a bit shiny after a while but not too much. At night, I apply it after cleansing and toning my skin. After toning, you need less quantity for your face and neck. Now coming on to the effect, I noticed a pleasing effect only after 2-3 days. Though my skin is already in good condition but still I saw a difference in my skin texture. I felt it more fresh, soft and smooth. After two weeks use, I can say that it’s one of the best anti-aging crème I have ever used. My skin’s condition was fine but has improved now so much so that even my husband has started to notice the glow on my face. Every morning when I look at my face into the mirror, it seems as if I have taken a good facial. My skin looks healthy, glowing and relaxed.
I have thin fine lines around my eyes, foreheads and lips. After two weeks of application, I saw a clear difference in them. They are visibly reduced. However they haven’t disappeared, but I think it’s remarkable because I've used many anti-ageing creams but never saw much effect on them. The elasticity of my skin has become better. I saw the texture of my skin is now more flexible and supple and more even.

Vichy LiftActive Supreme Anti-aging creme- Detailed Review & Price, Chamber of Beauty, Indian Beauty blogger

I have been using this cream on my under eye area because I didn’t see any warning against that mentioned. My under eye areas are my big problem. Due to sleeplessness I always wake with puffy eyes effect. I wanted to see its effects on these parts of my skin and I must say that the result was fine. My eye area is well hydrated and the puffiness of my eyes is reduced now. The effect is as I get after a relaxed sleep. The wrinkles and fine lines around my eyes are not much but reduced. I have used it during both day and night because it has no SPF in it.

Good points

Classy and beautiful packaging
Perfect texture for normal to combination skin
A small quantity is needed
Blends perfectly
Absorbs into the skin easily
Effect can be noticed only in one week
Gives a soft and supple effect to the skin
Gives a fresh and glowing skin just in two weeks use
Reduced the fine lines and wrinkles
Works great on under eye area
Can be used as a night cream too (Even though there is a LiftActiv Nuit night creme also available)
An excellent anti-aging cream that gives an even tone to the skin

Bad points

A bit heavy jar packaging which is not hygienic and travel-friendly
Too costly, can't be afforded by everyone


I’m very happy with Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème and glad that I tried it out. I saw a clear difference within a week in my skin and great effect only after two-weeks of use. I’m sure I’ll see some more improvement on my fine lines and wrinkles. It's an impressive product from Vichy. I'll highly recommend it to all ladies who are looking for a good anti-aging cream for them. I admit it's costly and can't be afforded by every woman but still if you want to invest your money in a product that can actually work for you, Vichy LiftActive Supreme day crème for Normal to Combination skin will be a great option. You need a small quantity for covering your face and neck so it can last about for two months. You can use this cream only as a night cream too and in this way you can use it more. I love this creme for the simple reason that it does deliver what it promises.


INR 2350 for 50 ml


Available at VICHY counters and online HERE


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