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Friday, March 27, 2015

The Nature’s Co. January “Back to Shape” Beauty Wish Box Review, Price and Pictures

I have used several products from The Nature's Co and have been loving their body, hair and bath products very much. This time I'm glad I got a chance to try out their January Wish box. I received this box in February and then it struck me, why not review the products after using them for a month? So, today I'm here, presenting my experience with those products of the Jan Box.

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish box 
 The Natures Co. “Back To Shape” January Beauty Wish Box contains:

The Nature’s Co. Green Clay Body Wrap (Body)
The Nature’s Co. Cinnamon Bath Salt (Body)
The Nature’s Co. Laminaria Anti-Cellulite Cream (Body)
The Nature’s Co. Sea Fennel Re-Firming Lotion
The Nature’s Co. Neroli Stretch Mark Cream  (Body)
The Nature’s Co. Fucus Anti-Ageing Cream (Face)

The Nature’s Co. Green Clay Body Wrap:

What company says...

Firms and tones your entire body; Eleminates excess fluids & toxins. Get beautiful skin on more than just your face. Our Green Clay Body Wrap firms and tones your entire body. Because it is rich in minerals and made out of the finest natural, earthy ingredients, it eliminates excess fluids and toxins leaving you with a taut, healthy body. Smear the clay onto your body or on only specific problem areas. Keep it on for 10-15 minutes or until dry. For better results, use a warm cotton cloth and cover the areas where clay has been applied. The warmth will open up pores and let the clay act as a sponge to further remove toxins and fluids. Rinse with warm water. Follow with Laminaria Anti-Cellulite Cream for best results.

The Nature's Co Beauty Wish box


 Bearberry extract, Liquorice extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Green clay Base, Vitamin- E.

Full Size Net Wt: 200 ml ( 6.7 fl. oz.)


This product is in a 35 ml sample size jar. I applied it all over my waist and stomach area and finished it in only my first application. I Kept the clay  wrap on for 15 min and then wrapped that area with a warm cotton cloth for more 10 min. 
It smells predominantly of multani mitti which is very mild and soothing.

I rinsed the mask with warm water. I noticed my skin of that area very soft and silky just in my first use. I applied 
The Nature’s Co. Laminaria Anti-Cellulite Cream on the particular area. I really loved the effect this clay wrap on my skin, I can't say about the firmness and tightness but I'm sure a regular use of this wrap would be really effective for the problem struck areas. I would love to buy this product to see its real effect on my body. 

The Nature’s Co. Cinnamon Bath Salt :

What company says...

Relieves pain, stiffness of muscles and joints; Stimulates circulation.
Soak in this spicy-scented, pampering bath treat. Cinnamon with its antibacterial properties relieves pain, stiffness of muscles and joints and stimulates circulation. Feel the stress melt away – sprinkle a generous amount into running bath water for an indulgent soak.


 Cinnamon extract, Cinnamon powder, Himalayan pink salt, Rock salt.

Full Size Net Wt: 75 Gms


I always love to use bath salt especially during my pedicure and at times when I take a long bath for relaxation.This cinnamon bath salt smells like fresh cinnamon sticks and what intensity! It makes me fresh and stress free. Whenever I feel some stiffness in my body especially the legs, I soak some salt in warm water & trust me, it's magically effective. The sample provided contains 15 gms of product that does not last long . I'm going to buy a full size jar of this bath salt.

The Nature’s Co. Laminaria Anti-Cellulite Cream:

What company says...

Acellulite; Firms & strengthens the tissues; Gives skin an even look.Try this simple work-out for youthful, firm, even and smooth skin. Laminaria Anti-Cellulite Cream – pacnti ked with minerals and cell regeneration qualities that stimulates the skin’s metabolism, eliminates excess fluids and restores your skins firmness. Apply or massage it in an upward direction where the cellulite has accumulated, either after a bath, a workout or at night.
Ascophyllum extract, Spirulina extract, Laminaria extract, Fucus extract, Nori extract, Lemon OIL, Shea butter, Coco butter, Grape seed oil, Olive oil, Vitamin – E

Full Size Net Wt: 125 ml (4.2 fl. oz)


I have been using the laminaria anti-cellute cream since January on my thighs and tummy area after bath and giving a light massage every day. This is the only full size product provided in the January Beauty Wish box . Most of us have accumulated cellulite on thighs, hips and tummy area. I am absolutely loving this cream. The texture of this cream is neither thick nor runny, it is  non greasy and spread well on the body and absorb into the skin very well. Well about the result, I must say that it works nicely on the particular areas where I have been applying it. I feel my skin quite toned, smooth and firm, the important thing is that I couldn't work out since two month and still I didn't notice any fat on that area. The tube has become finish and of course I'm going to buy another one. I'll recommend This laminaria anti-cellute cream to those who are quite lazy like me and leave their work out routine often. This cream will keep your skin toned.

The Nature’s Co. Sea Fennel Re-Firming Lotion:

What company says...

Toning; Re-firming; Moisturizing & Softening.
Sea Fennel is brimming with minerals and vitamins that gives it natural refirming abilities. This lotion provides wholesome skin sustenance, giving your skin a worked-out, firm, toned look. Use it daily to moisturize and tone. Massage into your skin using circular motions. For best results concentrate on problem-prone areas like the thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and upper arm or use after a work-out.

Sea fennel extract, Olive OIL, Kokum Butter, Vitamin-E.

Net Wt: 125 ml (4.2 fl. oz)


This is a product suitable for toning and firming up your body skin but I can't judge it properly because it's in a sample size jar of 35 ml . The texture of this lotion is thin and it spreads well on the skin and gives a soft and smooth effect to it. I applied it on my effected areas at night before going to bed. But due to less quantity, it lasted within a week. I'm curious to use this product in full size jar and want to see its long term effect. 

The Nature’s Co. Neroli Stretch Mark Cream:

What company says...

Stimulates cell regeneration; Reduces stretch marks; Protects skin from further damage.

Treat your skin to our Neroli stretch mark cream. Neroli is known to increase circulation and stimulate cell regeneration. It will repair and visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. And also help protect the skin from further damage by maximizing elasticity. Massage it over specific area such as the stomach, buttocks, and hips or wherever needed. Use twice a day for best results.

Neroli OIL, Green tea extract, Shea butter, Kokum butter, Grape seed oil, Vegetable Glycerin.

Full Size Net Wt: 175 ml (5.94 Fl.oz)

It's an interesting product for your body. I love that The Nature's Co included it in this wish box.
The sample provided contains 35 ml of product. It has a thin texture, very moisturising,  and soothing on skin. A little amount is enough for my tummy and thigh area. As I have only a few stretch marks so I didn't require much amount. I applied it every day in the morning after taking a shower and massaged the area. And to be honest, these marks, though have not disappeared, have faded considerably...but for that you will have to use this religiously! I have decided to buy a full size jar of this lotion.

The Nature’s Co. Fucus Anti-Ageing Cream:

What company says...

Anti wrinkle & anti ageing.

Take back the hands of time with our Fucus Anti Ageing cream. Rich with ingredients like Sea Weed and Marine plant extracts that contain natural anti-aging properties. As well as proteins, minerals and vitamins that help keep wrinkles at bay. Before using a moisturizer, smoothen it over your cleansed skin, targeting wrinkle-prone areas. Use it daily and it will prevent wrinkles and fine lines forming. Leaving your skin fresh, healthy and younger looking.

Fucus (See weed extract); Coneflower extract; Asiatic centella extract; Fenugreek extract; Shea butter; Grape seed OIL; Vegetable Glycerin.

Full Size Net Wt: 50 ml (1.7 fl.oz)
It's the only product for your face skin in this box. It's an anti wrinkle cream.The quantity provided is 15 ml. The texture of this cream is thick and creamy. I applied it all over my face and neck at night after cleaning and toning mt skin. It's not sticky but felt a bit heavy on my skin. My skin is normal/dry and although I need a rich texture cream for moisturising my skin, this one proved to be too heavy for me. If you have oily or combo skin, it's not for you at all. I can't say about its effect on fine lines or wrinkles due to less quantity but yes, It hydrates my skin well and give a soft and silky effect in every morning. If you have super dry skin or don't my heaviness on your face, you can try it for sure.


Finally, I'm very happy with The Nature's Co January Beauty Wish box. All products are worth giving a try. 1 full size product and 3 generously sized 35 ml samples and 2 small 15 ml samples. All together worth 1337/- .They have also included a gift voucher for flat 35% discount on any of your future purchases for the same products in this BeautyWish Box which is valid till April 2015! Plus I got a cute tote bag with this box.I really love it. I'll recommend my readers to subscribe to The Nature's Co Beauty Wish box. Trust me, you are not going to be disappointed at all.

The BeautyWish Box has different subscription plans that you can opt for.
1 month subscription for INR 595/-
3 month subscription for INR 1645/-
6 month subscription for INR 3215/-
12 month subscription for INR 5950/-
You can book your BeautyWish Box at thenature’sco official website

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