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Monday, February 9, 2015

Gillette Venus “Use Your AND” Campaign and Review

Hey ladies, 
Haven't you felt ever that you are being labeled by others?  You get these labels from your own home, parents, children, friends and relatives. 'You are pretty' or 'you are great and sometimes 'you are a super girl etc. etc. Those labels do boost up your confidence at times but  on the deeper side have a negative effect on your lives. Speak up, raise your voice and ask- I'm pretty AND....?

Modern day girls (with reference to the Indian society) are more into western wear- jeans, skirts, shorts etc. The society tends to label such girls in terms of their attire. But what does not hit their mind is that these girls can flaunt the ethnic outfits as beautifully as ever as and when the need arises. They tend to blend in perfectly with the kind of atmosphere. 
This was just one of the thousands and thousands of examples!

Gillette has firmly taken up the challenge of standing up against stereotyping, given it a feminist flavor 'the  "Use Your And” campaign to inspire women and girls to stand-up against one-dimensional labels.
The video talks about the same where real women share their thoughts about it. If you have not seen that you should see it here. Link is below: 

According to a survey around 70% of the women have revealed that they have been labeled by the stereotypes since they were quite young. 
Through the “Use Your And” campaign, Gillette Venus invites women and girls across the globe to explore all of the “ANDs” that exist within them and share how they #UseYourAnd to inspire others.

In fact, why go anywhere else, when every woman is an example in herself! You may be a full time blogger, but that's not all-  a mother, wife, working woman, are all the possible roles that fits us! 

I really appreciate this unique campaign by Gillette and was really glad to see an overwhelming response from so many women across India! Under the belt of this campaign, Gillette recently launched this  Venus razor

It comes in a refreshing blue transluscent body with a rubber grip and angled neck which proves to be really helpful while shaving. It is the first 3 bladed razor designed for women surrounded by soft protective cushions. And to say the least I'm a proud owner of this razor! 

It's very easy and handy to use. Just put the razor, say, on your leg, and the flexible body angulates itself accordingly. Draw it in one direction and in no time, all that is left will be smooth,  hairless skin! No fussing around, no tension of cuts...but obviously you have to be careful while using it. It leaves the skin quite smooth and silky which is a great plus point! 

So at a very reasonable cost, you can get the perfect razor for yourself. I personally never miss out on a razor because they are the best emergency option and now this is much more than that! Highly recommended to all who are into shaving! 


INR 199


Easily available, both online and offline


Have you tried the Venus razor? Do share your experience with me!
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