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Saturday, January 31, 2015

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect Range- First look

Hey everyone,

I'm here with a quick preview of the new L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfect range which in the words of L'Oreal is " a revolutionary launch that will change the face of skin care category"!  The range comprises of three skin care creams customised for 3 different age groups- 20+, 30+ and 40+ which is quite a unique thing.

The one meant for age 20+ is an anti-imperfection +whitening cream. Very rightly stated by the brand, the skin between the age of 20 to 30 is subjected to a lot of stress, pollution etc owing to the pacy lifestyle that we follow and therefore requires something to cleanse and fresh it up. 

Next is an Anti-fine lines+whitening cream for age 30+. Skin between the ages 30-40 is subjected to fine lines and the first signs of aging. This cream is formulated to smoothen the skin and reduce the fine lines.

Lastly we come on to the third cream formulated for the skin needs above the age of 40. Wrinkles, dark spots and slight loosening of the skin occur and we require a very effective anti-aging cream in our skin care regime. This Anti-Aging+Whitening cream claims to reduce the wrinkles, improve skin quality and fade the dark spots.

The whitening and restoring glow claim is common in all three. 

Another very surprising fact about this range is the individual cost of the creams. The creams are priced at follows:

20+- INR 325
30+- INR 425
40+- INR 595

These are shockingly very lowly priced products from L'Oreal Paris unlike their other skin care stuff. So if they work out according to their claim, then it will certainly be a revolutionary range in the field of skin care category! 

I'll be coming up with a detailed review of all three very soon!  
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