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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner - Review and photos

It has been been very long time since I'd used any Sunsilk product, unfortunately my last experience with this brand was not good so I never tried to give it another try.Recently I was sent the Natural Recharge range by Sunsilk &  after trying this range I realized that everyone & everything ought to be given another chance!

A big thanks to Sunsilk for this beautiful packaging

What the company says...

New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract. It helps to strengthen, nourish and recharge tired hair making your hair look thick & abundant. The new formulation has been co-created by celebrity hair stylist and Sunsilk expert, Jamal Hammadi, to recharge hair’s natural look and strength so that young girls, have one less worry on their mind! For best results, use the conditioner along with the shampoo
Commenting on the launch of this path-breaking formula, Jamal Hammadi says, “Plant root extracts from the likes of ginseng have been used for thousands of years in beauty and health remedies but now I see them on trend more than ever!”
 Sunsilk natural recharge strong & abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract.  It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful and visibly abundant hair.  He is extremely proud of New Sunsilk Natural Recharge range as it really does give hair a recharge. Girls can now ride bikes, Trek Mountains, without having to worry about their hair. Sunsilk natural recharge strong & abundant is infused with plant roots.  It gives your hair strength and vitality so that girls can live their life to the full with their strong beautiful thick hair. 


In the mirror of my own experience 


The shampoo comes in a  green sturdy plastic bottle. The bottle has a white flip open cap. The conditioner comes in a green tube with flip open cap.  The packaging of both products is beautiful, fresh and attractive especially the light and deep green combination makes them cool in this weather. They are light weight so you can easily go for travel with them. Both are available in small sizes too so you can buy these size products for travel.


The texture of shampoo is  neither thick nor runny with a pearly finish. Not precisely white, slightly greenish in colour, it has a pleasant fragrance of green apples. 
The conditioner is thick & creamy, much like any other conditioner & possesses a similar fragrance as that of the shampoo.


The application of both products is like any regular shampoo & conditioner. Talking about the first hairwash I had with this shampoo & conditioner- I first washed my head & quite a small amount of the product was required to get a thorough wash. The shampoo has a mild fragrance, something that one wouldn't mind at all! After drying out the excess water off my hair,  I applied the conditioner in different sections of the hair. Although it says 1 minute at the back of the tube, I left it for around 3-4 mins before rinsing my hair. 


Soon after the wash, I could easily notice that my hair was softer than before, but the best part was that the terrible tangles that are a major cause of hairfall after a wash were highly reduced! As for nourishing the hair, I cannot really comment on that but then, these two products certainly don't dry the hair. So, if you use a combination of these two, they do moisturize the hair to a certain extent. 

Good points

Soften & moisturize the hair.
Leave my hair tangle free after the wash.
The conditioner does well in leaving the hair shinier.
No parabens in the ingredients list.
For the reasonable price, both products work really well! 

Bad points

I could not detect any cons in this range!


After using this range fore more than 12 days now, I'm really glad to have given Sunsilk a second chance! These products are very reasonable priced and stand true to their claim- strengthening & moisturizing the hair! The packaging, texture, fragrance etc is all very impressive & I would highly recommend others to give it a go! It would work better for normal-oily hair, people with dry hair may also go for it to see how it works for them.


180 ml shampoo- INR 132 & 80 ml conditioner- INR 64


Available at many local stores countrywide.


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