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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 range - review, photos

I had posted a preview post of L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 New Skin Anti-aging range of products, which consists of the Cream moisturiser, Serum and Eye cream.
The range is said to be inspired by what Intense Pulsed Light does, and offers itself as a (cheaper) alternative to going for such procedures.
I was given a set of the products to test out, and I tried the serum as well as the cream.
I have been using these products since more than a month and now I'm completely ready to write my experience with these two. 
The reason for using anti aging products is that I can hopefully prevent getting too many wrinkles/sagged skin in the future. I also have some deep wrinkles in my laughter lines and some thin lines around my eyes which really irritate me. 
I have been searching for some good anti aging products for these problems since a long time. I know very well that wrinkles and fine lines are some real facts of time and age but we can try to save our immature skin from them .

What company says...

At 3% Pro-Xylane in its formula, Revitalift Laser X3 is clinically proven for its anti-ageing efficacy, providing skin with clear triple actions:

Refine Pores: with LHA, a mild exfoliating agent to refine the skin texture.
Reduce Fine Lines: with Adenosine, a well-known anti-ageing active ingredient to visibly smooth out wrinkles.
Regain Elasticity: with Pro-Xylane that stimulates skin fibre synthesis* to reinforce skin’s inner support, to restore skin elasticity and density.

In the mirror of my own experience 


L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 New Skin Anti-aging range  products come in bright red and dull purple color box packaging.

The serum comes in a stylish ruby red glass jar and the cream in a pot. Both are quite sturdy and looks luxurious on the nightstand. The serum has a pump with its jar that is very easy and hygienic for using. The cream is a pot packaging so you should always check your hand  clean before using the cream on your skin. I love their high quality packaging though I'm not a big fan of luxurious packaging especially in skin care products because I think this is one of the ways to increase the cost of these products and an average quality packaging can cut some cost of products. The packaging is not very travel friendly because both the jar and pot are made of glass and heavy for keeping in your handbag. 




L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3  serum has a light and a bit thin texture. This lightweight serum glides on smoothly, absorbs fairly quickly and has an enjoyable flowery scent. L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 moisturing cream'stexture is rich and thick that absorbs into the skin quickly. 


Initially I went for the whole shebang and put on the both day and night but I soon developed my own skin care routine and then both products become the parts of my night care regime. After cleaning my face with The Body Shop cleanser and toning with its toner I apply the serum on my face and neck. The first time I applied this, I had to use two and a half pumps. But after about a week, the amount has decreased to one and a half pumps. After applying the serum, I apply my under eye cream and DONE!!  Hey, don't run away yet, I give some time to my skin absorbing and accepting the serum deep into the skin. After 15 to 20 min I apply the cream in dots on my face and nack and give a light quick and gentle massage in circular movements. The cream absorbs completely after a 2/3 min massage and finally I'm ready to go to my bed.

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 cream

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 serum


At first, when I had been using both the products in the morning, I felt a strange sensation on my skin after applying the serum. For something that has alcohol in its ingredient list, it didn’t trigger my usual irritations but this was just for 2-3 days. The cream's texture is a bit rich so I was not comfortable in the morning with the serum because my skin felt a bit sticky. After a week I changed my routine and started using both products only at night and I'm very happy with my decision because I saw the real result after this decision. After a few days of application at night I was amazed to see my skin. My skin really did look like I had just stepped out from a facial massage.  I literally saw that the sides of my face were smoother and dewier. On my large pore areas beside the nose, I also noticed that my pores were definitely reduced! I was very satisfied with the result in a few days but I wanted to see the real result with my wrinkles and fine lines and I knew that I have to give them some time to see the effect. I have been using both products since March and I'm writing their reviews in the first week of May. Both products are now going to finish but their effects are on my face and skin. I can see clearly the difference in  the wrinkles in my laughter lines and in thin lines around my eyes. No, they have not gone completely but reduced clearly. I can see my skin tone is more balanced and my skin is more supple. Don't laugh but these days I love to touch my face and neck in every morning after waking up. I think most girls and ladies feel a childish happiness after getting a relaxing facial massage so I suppose you can understand my feeling too! 

Good points

Sturdy and luxury packaging
Pump with the serum jar makes it easy to use and hygienic
Love the flowery scent.
less amount of products is sufficient to cover the whole face and neck especially in case of the cream
The serum gets absorbed into the skin quickly but the cream takes a few minutes and I think it's good for my skin because in this way my skin gets a quick massage every night.
I noticed a visible change in my skin after using few days.
Every morning I find my skin more fresher, suppler and smoother.
I find my skin tone more brighter and balanced.
I notice a clear change in my wrinkles and fine lines.
Bad points

  Both products have silicone and phenoxyethanol, a preservative that is supposed to be as bad as parabens.

The serum has alcohol in its ingredient list.

My skin took some time to accept these ingredients.  

Though the  products are a bit costly but seeing the effect & quantity you can ignore this con.


Finally, I'm truly impressed with this range of L’Oreal Paris. The Revitalift Laser X3 range is something that I will be urging my friends to try, since it has shown results in only a week. I'm going to finish both products and surely going to buy the next. Though the ingredients make me a bit hesitate but the effects are stronger to get them again. I’ll definitely be continuing to use products from this series and want to buy the eye cream from this range too with these two.

I clicked this picture in the morning



L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 cream
INR. 1299
L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 serum
INR. 1499


  The L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 range will be available at all L’Oreal beauty counters all over the country

COB RATING-  4.8/5

What is your experience with this range?

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