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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil- Review

I always love to massage my hair when I feel too tired.  In summers, I often suffer from headache due to the hot weather and in that situation all I require is a nice gentle hair massage done by someone for instant relaxation.

Some people might think, the hair oil we use does not matter much,  however the matter is of much importance along with the ways the massage is done. If your hair oil would be perfect for your hair your massage will give you an amazing result. It can help in strengthening the roots of hair, it also stimulates circulation of blood, relaxes and soothes your mind from any form of tension.

Usually I prefer Figaro olive oil for my hair, this is the first time I've tried any hair oil from The Body shop.
The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil has been significantly launched for India keeping in mind the Indian women who pay a lot of attention to their hair. 

The packaging goes on like this; comes in a translucent, brown-colored plastic bottle with a picture of coconut on one side and a green label on the other. It has a white flip open cap and the bottle gives the illusion that the liquid inside might also be brown in color. I really love the packaging, It's quite different from other coconut oil packaging, It's light weight, secure and perfect for travel purposes

I have been using this oil thrice every week and after three weeks I thought I should write a review now.

 The oil is completely colorless and It has a sweet coconut fragrance which feels great after applying. I take out a small quantity in a bowl and apply the oil with a cotton boll onto my scalp. I noticed the very first time that a small quantity of product is enough for my hair that is of an average length.The oil gets absorbed very easily and the most important thing is not greasy at all. After application, while combing my tresses, I have very less tangles which I love. These days, I'm not suffering from hair fall(touch wood) so can't say anything about that part but after two-three weeks of use I can definitely conclude my review by recommending this hair oil to everyone! It's just the perfect thing for a massage, strengthening your hair & conditioning it!

Price- 200 ml for Rs 645

AVAILABILITY – Easily available at all TBS outlets
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