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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Princess like....(OOTD)

Today's look is something very special! A satin pink 'gown shaped liked a pastry' was something I had wanted since long!
I had a collection of fairy tales in my childhood & the illustrations of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc were so gorgeous...let's talk like a typical fashion blogger; their dresses we so gorgeous!!

& then...I discovered a true paradise of formal dresses & gowns- Edressy, I'm sure most of the bloggers are aware of them & have had an experience with their fine quality. This dress was so similar to the one of my dreams & that's how I got it. But whilst my search through Edressy, I came across so many more elegant & mesmerizing dresses that it had become difficult to choose one. However, as soon as I saw this dress, it just had to be this! So, this is the saga of the V-neck chapel train wedding dress!

A-line V-neck Chapel Train Satin Wedding Dress with Embroidery is available in 7 colors & pink was the color that I chose.It is such a luxury dress & weighs like anything, due to the ruffles, 2-3 layers, the big-big train & the delicate embroidery on the top front & top back side!

It was a bit difficult to get perfect shots in this, but after some hard work from my side & of course from my photographer's side, I'm so happy with the results! 

Hope you like this as much as I do!


Hope you liked this look!

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