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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion-review

Hi everyone,
These days colorful eyeliners are in fashion. girls love to apply different colorful liners on their eyes, sometimes glittery and sometimes matte but the problem is that for it we have to buy so many liners for that. Sometimes this seems too expensive because a bottle of liquid liner other than black is usually used only 3-5 times & in this way the rest of product goes waste. But we shouldn't be worried because there are something in the market which not only fulfills our craze of applying different colorful eyeliners but also saves our money from buying different colors liquid eyeliners. Today I'm going to write about such a product which is an essential part of my makeup box and this is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Transforming Potion can transform any eyeshadow to a liquid liner or liquid shadow.

What Urban Decay says...

Transform any eyeshadow to a liquid liner or liquid shadow with our double-ended magic wand! Dip a brush - packed with Potion - into your favourite shadow to create rich, smudge-proof colour. Use the thin brush for precision lining, or the larger brush to sweep colour across your whole lid.


50 Gm


Original price- 20 GBP
CR price- GBP 3.50


11.6 ml

How to use

Take out the brush you wanna use and brush it over your eyeshadow you want to make a liquid liner. Use the thin brush for precision lining, or the larger brush to sweep colour across your whole lid.

In the mirror of my own experience

I have another eyeshadow transforming lotion from Illamasqua which I have reviewed sometime ago and this is another product for the same purpose. I found it so easy to transfer an eyeshadow in a liquid liner or shadow with this potion, I 'll share my experience with you but firstly examine some other part of this product.

It comes in a purple packaging which is a recognized shade of Urban Decay. Inside the packaging, we find a purple bottle with two side brush , one side with a thin brush , you can read it on the bottle, this thin brush is for applying eyeliner and the other side the brush is a bit wide for applying shadow on the lid.  I found the eyeliner brush too thin and it's very difficult to apply an eyeliner  such a thin brush so I always use the wide brush for this purpose.


The wide brush
Both side
The thin brush

The liquid is quite runny in the bottle so one should be careful while using the potion. Apart from this always clean the brush after using the product before keeping the brush back in the bottle.


The potion is really simple to use - I just brush it over the shadow a few times before applying it to my lids.It changes my favorite powder eyeshadow in a liquid liner very quickly. It works pretty good. It takes a bit of practice in the mixing process, to make your line show up really well. Make sure it's not too too runny or it will be a very light line of color.

I turned my Sleek Makeup  eye shadow into  an awesome sparkling brown liner that really gives my eyes a great  look. I've also tried it with some other  colors just to see what it would look like and I got it always perfect in transforming any eyeshadow into a liquid liner.

Lasting power

Whenever you turn your favorite color powder eyeshadow into a liquid one and apply on your lid as a liner or eye shadow, you should be free from the tension of reapplying the liner because it lasts almost all day long on the eyes.
  It provides long lasting power that pencil liners cant live up to. works great even with crappy drugstore shadows ive used.
Good points

Decent packaging, very travel friendly.
It can change your all favorite eyeshadows and loose pigments into a colorful eyeliners and the options are endless.
It works very quickly.
You get all the pigmentation of your eyeshadow changing into a liner.
It's very long lasting, can stay for whole day without reapplying.
It saves the money of buying more eyeliners so it's a good investment of your money.

Left- using UD transforming potion; Right- Original powder eyeshadow

Bad points

It's a bit expensive product but you can get it at a very cheap and unbelievable price on Cosmetic Revolution.
The texture of product is quite runny so one should be careful while using.
The brush, providing for eyeliner is too thin for lining on the lid.


For me this works fantastically and even though it is not cheap, it's well worth it since it turns powder shadows into eyeliners and saves the money of buying more eyeliners. I love the wide  ends, wide can be used as a liquid eyeshadow application tool or to make a wide and even a thin line.the one thing i need everyday is eyeliner so i figured this would be a good investment..  I have tons of bright eyeshadows that I don't use anymore because I prefer a more natural look now, but I do like colorful liners sometimes - so this product is perfect for me.I'm very impressed with this product.




I'll recommend it to all my readers and friends who love to apply different colorful eyeliners on their eyes. I can say that it'll be a good investment of your money.


You can  buy this product on Cosmetic revolution at a very cheap price so hurry up girls!They ship world wide. The products reach very safely and quickly, you can find many other famous brands here.

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