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Monday, March 19, 2012


Now what better can happen this spring/summer...............


The inspiration Roseraie des Délices

All the delights of an enchanted rose garden
A bewitching interlude in the mildness of a springtime afternoon. This season,
Lancôme make-up artistic director Aaron De Mey imagines a fairytale where
appetising pleasures mingle with beauty in a lush garden. A realm of pure magic,
echoing Jérôme Bosch’s painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights”. A moment
suspended in time, where chic is synonymous with delightful interplay...

A boudior in the garden

The sheer joy of a blissful afternoon spent in a rose garden in full bloom. Voluptuous
pleasure, freshness, spontaneity… the very essence of joie de vivre. Savouring
nature’s beauty. Luxuriating in sun-dappled shade. Lounging, eyes skyward, on
a delicate-as-lace filigree bench in the heart of the rose garden… The breeze is
tinged with the irresistible scent of lightness. A remarkable garden punctuated
with thousands of roses in the most delectable shades imaginable, an array of
tempting treats: macaroons, éclairs, cupcakes, candies and seasonal fruits… Time
to indulge in delicious delicacies. Suffused with all of the pleasures of a radiant
afternoon, "Roseraie Des Délices" marries sensual pleasure with joie de vivre, and
coquettish allure with playful fantasy...

Shades infused with guilty pleasures

Spring fruits, macaroons, barley sugars… A trio of delectable shades sets the
tone for this collection: candy pink, tangerine and soft green exist in pastel or
tangy incarnations, evoking a basket of sweet delights as well as a blossoming
rose garden. As sheer as watercolours, radiantly capturing the light of spring…
the "Roseraie Des Délices" shades illuminate the face with infinite softness. Set
against an enhanced complexion, lips are adorned with translucent pink, orange or
fuchsia, inspired by the most vibrant flowers, whilst eyes are illuminated with subtle
shades of pink or green. As for nails, the hues of choice are tangerine, powder pink
and almond green, as if playfully dipping hands into candy.

La Roseraie

One of the places most cherished by Nelly, the wife of the Lancôme founder, was
her rose garden, a unique hideaway created by Armand Petitjean. There, they would
enjoy the mild days of spring surrounded by the blossoms of their favourite flower,
which also became Lancôme’s emblem. Inspired by this refined location, Aaron
De Mey reveals the secret of a rosy complexion: as light as a spring breeze, “La
Roseraie” blush evens out and illuminates skin with a sheer veil. Its rosy shade
brightens the complexion, while its peachy facet warms the face, alongside just a hint
of green mother of pearl to correct redness.
Colour play by Aaron De Mey:
Use a broad brush to blend the two shades together and apply generously to cheeks,
chin and pronounced areas of the forehead. Then use a blusher brush to apply the
pink shade to the upper cheekbones or just below the eye to disguise dark circles.
Result: a petal-fresh complexion.
Price- Rs 2900

Les Yeux Doux
Vert Tendresse

As if taken directly from an enchanted garden, two not-so-innocent harmonies
illuminate eyes, striking a playful balance between sophistication and seduction.
Subtle and sheer, they are simultaneously inspired by shade of fresh rosebuds and
more voluptuous shades of fuchsia. One is comprised of tender green, pistachio and
mint hues for a delicate feel. The other draws from pink tones and vibrant fuchsia for
a more sensual look. Two quartets of variations, each utterly delicious, for natural or
bewitching results.
Make-up artistry by Aaron De Mey:
Create a made-to-measure complexion using two medium shades, before applying
a delicate veil over the whole eyelid with the tip of the applicator or simply using your
fingertips. Then illuminate the inner corner of the eye and the eyebrow arch with a
highlighter shade. Finally, to sculpt the eye, blend the more intense shade from the
lash base towards the lid crease.

Shades available: A50 Rose Romance

C50 Vert Tendresse

Price- Rs 2200

Le French Touch
Sweet Marmalade

A true cult lipstick, Le French Touch reinvents itself with each new season. For spring
2012, it takes on the design of an emblematic part of the Lancôme heritage, the
1954 lipstick “Grand Canal”. Blending lustrous and brushed metal, its case is given
an appetising berlingot-inspired look with its décor of soft-green spirals. Its satiny
formula is infused with shades of the most vibrant roses: a zesty tangerine orange,
a vibrantly radiant fuchsia and an irresistible baby pink, “Rose Candy”. Three sheer
shades to be applied directly to lips or patted on with the fingertips, for an instant
healthy glow effect.

Shades available: 316
Soft Marshmallow,  314
Rose Candy, 318
Sweet Marmalade

Price: Rs 1580

Color Fever gloss

This spring, Color Fever Gloss shows its natural side with a formula enriched with
plant-based ingredients and a lavender fragrance. As mouthwatering as candy, its
texture is rich in sweet almond oil, to intensively protect, moisturise and nourish lips.
Its ultra-glossy formula dazzles in three new pastel shades: a tender green inspired
by flower buds, alongside petal-soft tangerine and pink… The subtle and enchanting
shades of a rose garden in springtime.
Instant make-up tip from Aaron De Mey:
Apply color fever gloss directly to lips to bestow them with a sensually glossy finish.
The pink and tangerine shades will enhance natural colouring, while the almond
green procures a surprising, frosted effect – or try it as a top coat over your lipstick.

Shades available: 386
Green Petal, 388
Rose Petal, 387
Tangerine Petal

price: Rs 1250

Le vernis

This season’s must-have. Super-shiny and long-wear, Le Vernis is available in three
springtime shades guaranteed to delight: a tangerine as zesty as a sweet candy, a
macaroon pink, and an almond green, all of which would look perfectly at home in a
cake shop display… A delectable trio that coordinates perfectly with the Color Fever
Gloss shades.

Shades available: 31
Rose Macaron, 29
Green Almond, 30
Rose Tangerine

Price: Rs 800

Hypnose Doll Eyes

Today's number 1 and already a cult mascara*, this is a beauty-accessory to
use without even a hint of moderation, the very spirit of playful femininity that
enlivens the entire collection. For beautifully bewitching eyes and the look of a true
Lancôme “Doll”... With its I-conical brush able to grasp even the tiniest lashes and its
nylon-powders enriched fluid formula, Hypnôse Doll Eyes was designed to recreate a
genuine doll-eyed look: the lash fringe is thickened, defined, lengthened, curled and

dressed in subtle shine. Make eyes look divinely wide open.
Aaron De Mey’s tip to make all the difference:
After applying mascara to the full lash length, leave the formula to dry before
applying an extra coat to the roots in order to intensify eyes.

*Sources: NPD MTD July 2011, selective distribution, Germany, France, Italy, UK


 Effet Miracle

With its feather-light feel, the prodigious base that is Effet Miracle instantly blurs
imperfections to reveal smooth, velvety skin almost as flawless as a rose petal.
Wrinkles are faded, pores reduced, signs of fatigue erased, flaws softened and the
complexion illuminated… Its ultra-light texture melts into skin’s natural tones, to even
out the complexion in the subtlest way imaginable. Acting like a genuine second
skin, exquisitely comfortable to wear, it leaves a delicate matte finish. The base is
available in two sumptuous shades: a powder pink offering a fresh, porcelain look for
fair complexions and a tender orange, reminiscent of a freshly-picked apricot, serving
to instantly warm golden complexions.

Shades available: 01 Effet Porcelaine, 02
Effet Bonne Mine

Wow, the Lancome fever is back & these products are really worth drooling over...isn't it???
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