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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Queen Cosmetics Light Night Cream- Product Information

In this week’s Queen Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Sensations’ mailer we focuses on one of the company’s best selling products for the over 30’s, Light Night Cream.

Especially created for use on normal, oily and combination skin that’s also sensitive, Light Night Cream provides night-long nourishment and hydration that effectively restores dry, taut, tired skin whilst sleeping.  Light in nature yet intensive in its action, Queen Cosmetics Light Night Cream is also mild and gentle on sensitive skin and contains no unnecessary ingredients that might irritate or inflame the complexion.

 Queen Cosmetics Light Night cream

As the first signs of ageing start to show, not only the appearance of fine lines   but also skin that’s drier, less elastic and often dull looking, start using a nourishing night cream to help rejuvenate your skin.  Especially since it’s a proven fact that as we sleep our skin’s ability to absorb nourishing, hydrating ingredients is at its best!  For those of you who have previously experienced sensitivity to night creams, Queen Cosmetics comes to the rescue with a true sensitive skin sensation, Light Night Cream (rrp £15.25 for 50g & rrp £23.45 for 100g); a much-loved Queen classic and one of the company’s best selling products.

As the name suggests, Queen Cosmetics Light Night Cream is a light yet intensively-nourishing cream that provides a night-time boost to dehydrated, tight sensitive skin.  Especially formulated for normal, oily and combination skin types, Light Night Cream provides night-long moisturizer, helping to protect and nurture skin whilst you sleep.  It also soothes and calms any soreness or irritation, helps skin recover and increases elasticity for firmer, supple skin.  With regular use, your complexion will become more even and your skin will not only look renewed but it will feel restored and revitalised as well.

As with all Queen Cosmetics sensitive skin sensations, with Light Night Cream you can rest assured you’re caring for your delicate skin with a gentle, mild product that won’t irritate or inflame.  Also, a tried-and-tested night cream that was originally created by three eminent dermatologists over 80 years ago, specifically for those, like you, with sensitive skin.  You won’t find any unnecessary ingredients in any Queen Cosmetic product, no irritating preservatives, perfumes, masking fragrances or essential oils, and their products are also not tested on animals.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable night cream for your sensitive skin, do try Queen Cosmetics Light Night Cream; it comes highly recommended by those in the know!  Once you’ve tried this true sensitive skin sensation, your skin will feel like new and, like many before you, you’ll never look back.
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