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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Activance Hair Stimulant- review, photos & HOTD

Hello everyone,
You have read about a lot of cosmetics products reviews on my blog since the last few days. Cosmetics always attract us & we often forget to care for our skin and hair. But we should never forget that about fifty percent credit in our beauty goes to our hair. I can’t blame anyone, coz I myself sometimes become careless with my hair.

In late July, I was sent this Activance Hair Stimulant for trial and review.
I have been suffering from hair fall in monsoons always and this always keeps me tensed. When I got this product, I thought that this is a good time for testing the claims of this product because the monsoons are the most crucial period for my hair. I was not very sure whether I will even get a product that will help me get rid of my hair fall in monsoons but still keeping fingers crossed I tried this product.

But now after using it for about one month I can say very clearly that it has proved me completely wrong and I have very much got rid of the hair fall and the noticeable thing is that monsoon is still not over. I have felt a clear difference in my hair condition. My hair has a lovely shine and has more strength before it had.

Activance Hair Stimulant


It's a product for hair protection from damage, thinning, hair fall, giving more volume and strength.

What Activance says..

The original Rhodanide haircare product, the Activance Hair Stimulant is the fast and effective solution for thinning, damaged, and lifeless hair. And in a small, travel-sized bottle, it is also the most convenient!
Rhodanide is a natural and essential molecule required in hair. According to university research, when your hair is dry, damaged or thinning, it has significantly lower Rhodanide levels than it should. Indeed, your Rhodanide levels are constantly depleted by washing, styling, chemical treatments, stress, ageing and health conditions, as well as environmental conditions such as wind and sun damage.
Activance is the only patented formula proven to boost your Rhodanide and moisture levels, rejuvenate your hair follicles and lengthen your hair's growing cycle.
The Activance Hair Stimulant reinvigorates hair growth and instantly improves hair thickness, volume, shine, strength and quality. Suitable for all hair types, the Activance Stimulant is a clear, non-sticky, oil-free, all-in-one, leave-in-product that does not coat or weigh down your hair with any residue.
The Activance Hair Stimulant can be used both as a stand alone product to simply improve hair quality, or as a complementary aid to all other hair and medical products and treatments, ranging from colouring dyes to hair medicines and transplants.

200 ml



Activance is a 200ml white in color, spray bottle, with a transparent cap on it. It's very easy to use. Just open the lid, keep fingers on the spray point and spray into the hair scalp.

The texture is a clear, transparent product that is non sticky. The best thing is its pleasant smell which makes the mind fresh and happy just after opening the lid.

How to use

Wash and towel dry your hair. Shake bottle, apply over hair and scalp. Massage in, leave in and style as normal. It can also be applied to unwashed hair. For external use only. Store below 30C away from direct light. USAGE: 2.5ml (8 to 10 sprays) daily or 5ml (16 to 20 sprays) every 2nd day. For thinning hair, concentrate on the affected area.

In the mirror of my own experience

At the first time I washed my hair and dried it with a towel. I shook the bottle and sprayed it in my hair.I sprayed around 10-11 sprays as recommended by Activance. I then massaged it into my hair and scalp. I then combed it. The first effect which I noticed after applying it in my hair that my hair became so soft as it does after conditioning it. I didn't condition my hair before applying it. I just couldn't believe but I have to accept this fact after touching my hair.

As I used it everyday I saw more differences in my hair.The surprising thing which I noticed was the reduction in my hair fall. This was the major advantage which I got after using only 15 days because this was that thing which always made me depressed during combing my hair. But after 1 month's use there has not been much hair loss, with a lot more strength and volume to my hair. It's really a fantastic product I have ever used for my hair, the results are clearly visible.

Good points
I love the packaging, very easy & comfortable for use.
The smell of the product is mind blowing. I really love it.
Very easy to spray into the hair.
It's non sticky. Gives immediate results just after applying for first time.
Makes the hair shiny, soft and strong.
Give a nice volume to the hair.
The most important quality of this product is reducing hair fall even in monsoon.
I clearly noticed this difference after using it about one month and I have been still using it for getting more healthy hair.
I can make my usual hair style and use whatever I like during using this product.
Knowing about its quality, the price is worth its value.

Bad points
The only bad point which found is that it's not available in India, we only can purchase this valuable product online.


My Hair after using Activance Hair Stimulant

Finally, I can say that it's a very useful and valuable product which does what it claims, It works really well for reducing hair fall, gives new life, strength and shine to the hair. The good thing is that it's very easy in use. I always enjoy while spraying it in my hair. It's so nice to see the immediate results after spraying. The volume and softness of the hair gives a pleasant feeling.  

I really like this product and recommend it to anyone that requires more moisture, volume, strength, or shine to their hair. If you feel like your hair is stressed or have hair loss this would be good to try & improve the quality of your hair.


If you want to purchase this useful product, you can purchase it from their website: HERE.

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