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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lotus Herbals Professional PHTORx range Rejuvina Herbcomplex™Protective lotion- First glance & quick experience

Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTORx™ Herbcomplex Protective Lotion - SPF 15 - First Glance

After the success of the whitening range of Lotus Herbal the most awaited range of India was the Lotus Herbal Professional PHYTORx range. I remember, in my recent trip to Kolkata, I went to a beauty clinic in a very posh area of the city for hair spa and I saw this range there. I asked the owner of the salon about this range and I came to know that she was very happy about this range because all her clients on which she had tried its product, were satisfied. After getting to know such good things about this range, I’ was really very excited about it. I’m happy that I got a chance to try it on my face.

Lotus Herbals Professional PHYTORx™ Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

What it claims-

An everyday moisturizing sun protector with SPF-15 that not only lacks in essential moisture but it also works as defense system for the skin from ill-effects of the sun, wind, UV radiation and heat.

It helps heal minor rashes and sun burns. Shields skin from invading elements while keeping it protected and well moisturized.

Active Ingredients-

Rose- it refresh he skin, make new cell

Aloe Vera-it makes the skin soft.

Chamomile-it’s good antiseptic for skin also can make the skin supple.

Wheat extracts- it rejuvenates the skin and gives softness too.

Free from artificial Fragrance and color

It works well for- normal to oily skin

Direction of use-

Apply generous quantity on face, neck and exposed areas. Spread all over evenly.

In the mirror of my first look and quick experience-

I have heard lot of nice things about this range but final …will be after using this lotion. Today I’m sharing only the first look and impression about this product.


When it comes about the first look, we first see the looks of packaging of any product. About this product, I can say that the packaging is lovely. Dark green shade of this complete range gives a pleasant feeling of greenness & dewiness. My city was not too hot earlier but since some years, the city even the hilly areas have been getting hot so even this year the summers can be hot and I hope this range of Lotus Herbals gives soothing effects of skin.

It’s a pump out bottle. Has a nozzle to take out the contents but there is no cap to cover the pump. There is also a plastic ring under the pump which prevents accidental press of the pump. So if you lose the ring there will always be a danger of the contents coming out if someone presses it by mistake. All this makes it a bit a difficult to carry around especially during traveling. Therefore it would have been an ideal packaging if a cap was there to cover the pump.

Quick experience

  • It has a pleasant fragrance that smells like rose petals. I really love this smell coz my garden is full of roses and this smell attracts me a lot!!
  • As my skin becomes normal in summers so this is gonna be a good option for me. Hope it works out well for me :p
  • Has SPF 15, so one can do without much sunscreen in dim sunlight or at home. But still you should not avoid a sunscreen.
  • It is a herbal product, with no preservatives or color. So you don’t have to worry about any harm that it may cause to your skin.
  • The consistency of this moisturizer is perfect for my skin in summers…neither too thick nor runny.
  • I have used it only once right now and my skin feels quite smooth & supple after that.
  • It gets absorbed into the skin nicely and makes it smooth & soft.
On applying

On blending

Anyhow, so this was my opinion about this Protective lotion. But all this was only the first glance, I’ll soon review the results too and hope that’ll be positive only coz till date all the Lotus products that I’ve used have given great results and hope this too falls in the same category.

So have you tried this product from the Lotus Herbals Phytorx range? Which one do you wanna try out??


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