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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Elf Minty lip gloss- Review, Swatches, Photos

Hi ladies,

So I’m back again with a new review of a new product but before that wanna say a few words- Some of my readers love to appreciate my photos and according to them they feel that it takes time to click them. But that’s not true….I’m proud of the fact that I own a beautiful little garden and I love clicking pics there. The green background, according to me, looks rather beautiful and it does not take time too. But it’s good yo hear that you guys like my pics and for you I will continue my work in the same manner. Thank you!! :D

Fine…so now let’s come on to today’s review which is all about Elf Minty lip gloss in Houston. I’ve had this lip gloss since 3-4 months and I’ve used it many times. The shade is really beautiful and soft.

My experience-

Lip glosses are not my favorite but sometimes they look better than lippies so I do like to collect lip glosses also and this is one of them. My sis from USA had given me two of them….I had asked her to bring them as I wanted to try some products from ELF too. I also have one of it’s lipstick which is really good but overall this lip gloss failed to impress me as much as the lipstick did.


The texture is fairly good but a bit sticky. Does make you very comfortable but not too bad.

The shade is very pretty…a mix of purple along with pink!!

The price, of course is very reasonable…i think $2-$3

It’s quite moisturizing and does not dry out the lips for a long time.

The lasting power is of around 3-4 hours but can vary from person to person.

It smells quite good…..minty sweet…and the flavor is also ….fine. Hey I don’t eat lip glosses but I love mint so my tongue somehow takes on a bit of this every time I apply it!!

The packaging is very pretty!!

Here are the swatches-


The quantity is quite less.

Many of you won’t be able to bear it for more than 2-3 hours as it makes you feel irritating.

It is a bit sticky too.

It is not at all opaque and starts to disappear and gets patchy too after some time.

Not much pigmented and you’ve to apply and reapply it again and again to get a deep shade.



Will I recommend it-

No. But if you are to save your balance then it’ll be good for daily use otherwise you can try glosses from many more brands.

Will I purchase it again-


So as you see that it is not a very impressive product from Elf and there are many more glosses from other brands to which deserve to be purchased so you can try them, skipping out this.

Hope this review helps!!Goodbye for now :D

Have a great week!!

xox Rakhshanda

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