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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wella Biotouch Straight Intensive Mask- Review & photos

Hi lovely readers

I hope you are fine. :) Since the last two days the weather has gone really crazy in my city….it’s getting so cold & rainy and there has been snowfall in the nearby hill stations.

Today I’m not reviewing any cosmetic or skin care product. For a change I’m writing about a hair care product-Wella Biotouch Straight intensive mask.

What Biotouch Straight Intensive Mask claims?

Utilises a Smoothing Complex and jojoba oil to protect against frizz, dryness and damage. Wella Biotouch Straight Intensive Mask nourishes and protects locks, adding moisture and maintaining smoothness. This intensive treatment hydrates and revitalises the structure of smooth or unruly tresses while controlling the volume of the hair. Ideal for use in between salon straightening treatments or if a hair dryer or irons are regularly used at home.

Price: Rs 4oo – 450( $10 approx.)

Pack size: 150mL

Directions for use-

Distribute evenly through your towel-dried hair and gently massage.

Comb through and leave for approximately 5-10 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.

My own experience with this product:

My sister bought this mask for her because she had straightened up her hair but in spite of taking good care of her hair she felt them dry and even experienced some hair fall. After searching in the stores she chose this one for herself and only after one week, she found a clear difference in her hair. Not only the dryness changed into smoothness but also the hair fall had almost finished. This product makes her hair silky and smooth. In her own words ‘that is one of the best products I have found for my hair type’. She loves this product and now this one has become a essential part of her life. She never forgets to carry out while traveling. I have never straightened my hair so this was not for me but one day I tried it as an experiment and realized why she loves it. After using it my hair became so silky and smooth. I used a very less quantity but the effect was amazing. The shining which i got after using it made me really happy.

Why you should love this product:

I love the smell.

Great if you have color treated hair.

Gives a rich moisture to your dry hair.

It is not heavy, leaves the hair with an incredible softness and shine, and it truly protects.

Very helpful for growing hair.

Protects hair from sun damage.

It is very moisturizing and makes the dry hair feel smooth, soft and bouncy.

The bottle is very nice and very handy for carrying out for traveling.

The price is worth its quality.

Why you should stay away from it.

If your hair is natural silky and haven’t colored, straightened or curled up your hair then no need to use this.

If you don’t want to do any experiment with your hair.

Will I purchase it again? Maybe or maybe not… but as I told this is an essential part of my sister’s life.

Will I recommend it to others?

Of course yes, if you have given any treatment to your hair, you should surly try it.

Rating: 4.75/5

So girls, most of you are fond of coloring or straightening your hair but this can damage your hair so take care of your hair by using good products which can help your hair from any type of damage.

Thanks!! :) :)

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