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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lotus Herbals Sun Safe lotion SPF 90- review, photos

I don't know what the SPF fact in reality is, because sometimes SPF 20 and 30 seems enough to our skin but the other hand companies are keeping busy to launch more and more SPF everyday. Whenever we talk about a good sunscreen, we can't ignore Lotus Herbals  name because this brand is always busy in searching something new for our skin and especially for sun block lotion or cream.They started from SPF 20/25 then 40/50 and now they have launched Lotus Herbal Sun Safe Collagen Shield Sun Block SPF 90 PA +++ which is really a product for discussing nowadays but I'm going to write about it after my own experience.

Lotus Herbal Sun Safe Collagen Shield Sun Block SPF 90 PA +++

Lotus Herbal Sun Safe Collagen Shield Sun Block SPF 90 PA +++ is a sun protecting lotion with a super strong SPF.

What Lotus Herbal says...


50 gm


INR 595


How to use

Apply Safe Sun Collagen Shield Sun block liberally and evenly on face and exposed parts before exposure to sun.

In the mirror of my own experience

When I first heard about these new launching sun block lotions from Lotus Herbal, SPF 70 & SPF 90 the first thought which hit me was ' Do we really need so much SPF in our sunscreen? From 20 to 90 and then next, maybe 100 then 150, I'm really confused about this matter. It's true that India is a very hot country and some parts of our country have horrible hot weather, I think we really need some extra SPF in such terrible weather. I'm happy that Lotus Herbals is always thinking about some more improvement with their products and after using   Lotus Herbal Sun Safe Collagen Shield Sun Block SPF 90, I have really fallen in love with this product.


Lotus Herbal Sun Safe Collagen Shield Sun Block SPF 90 comes in a vibrant orange { this color has now become a symbol of Lotus Herbals} box. Inside the box we find a same color plastic squeeze tube with flip open cap.
The packaging is same as their usual packaging, there is no any change in this area and I think there was no need to change this packaging because it nice and very comfortable for using and carrying out too. I can keep it in my handbag easily and it can be kept on any surface without hesitation. So I have no complaint with this packaging. 


The formula is very nice in texture; it’s neither too thick nor too runny. Even the texture is much better than its SPF 40 texture because that was not enough to give sufficient moisture to my skin and some times that felt a bit dry on my skin but this one is perfectly moisturizing and makes my skin soft without making it sticky or greasy.
The color of the formula is also better; it’s not orange but quite similar to the skin shade. It takes just 20 seconds  to blend into the skin.


I apply it on my face, neck and all the exposing parts of my body10 minute before going out. To be honest I’m not a person who spends much time under the sun because my skin can’t bear it. If you are a person who has to spend much time in sun, my advice is for you that you should reapply your sunscreen after 1 or two hours because I have not much belief in SPF numbers so in concern for your skin, you should apply after time to time. After coming back, you should wash your face and neck with normal and then cold water, but never go for water immediately with warm face. Always wash your face when you feel the normal temperature of your body.  

I can't say for sure that it’s more protective than the SPF 40/50 but I want to write about the effect which I got after applying it on my skin. It blends very well and absorbs into my skin perfectly. The light fragrance gives a pleasant feeling while application. It’s slightly tinted, quite similar to the skin shade so it gives a clean and light coverage to my skin. It never makes it greasy but moisturizes it perfectly. I love the soft supple effect after the application. Of course, I don’t believe much in the number of SPF but no doubt, that feels much protective after applying it under the sun because the feeling of SPF 90 PA+++ gives more confidence naturally. Hey, it's just kidding but I always remember my own way to use a sunscreen after going under the sun and it has given expected advantage to my skin always.


Now I’m coming on the most disappointing part of this product which has disheartened not just me but also all the Lotus Herbals products fans. 50 grams at the cost of 595!!!Lotus Herbal has made its recognition in skincare product’s market with two important things, first, the high quality of the products and the second its reasonable cost which is easily affordable to everyone. But with this price it doesn't justify its reputation because there are many girls and ladies in this country who have to go out daily in the sun for their schools, colleges and offices and apply sunscreen on their faces everyday and sometimes more than one time in a day as well and therefore sunscreen is not a product which is used infrequently. So this the most disappointing issue of this product.  

Good points

Lovely packaging which is very nice for carrying out.
It has a mild and pleasant fragrance which I love.
The texture is light weight and completely moisturizing.
It gives matte finish coverage to my skin and makes it soft.
No need to apply a moisturizer before applying it.
Never felt any irritation.
I never feel my skin greasy after applying it.
It gives complete sun protection and prevents brown spots and tanning the skin because it has a strong sun protecting power. No doubt it contains SPF 90 PA+++ which gives UVA & UVB protection.
Completely natural so can be applied without hesitation.
It’s free from harmful preservatives and parabens.

Bad points

The pricing issue is big disappointing part of this product.


No doubt, it’s another great skin care product from Lotus Herbals. Everything which can be expected from a high quality sun protection cream this one has in it. You can feel its quality just after applying it for the first time on your skin and you will fall in love with it. It worked very well against the sun rays and save our skin from its harmful effects but how nice would be if the price is kept a bit less. Anyways, I think the brand should think about it that it’s not a big deal to produce a high-quality product, the superiority is in this fact that the product can be afforded by everyone.  




I'll recommend it to my readers and friends that you should try it once if you can afford it.


Lotus Herbals Sun Safe Collagen Shield Sun Block SPF 90 PA +++ is available at all the Lotus counters.

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