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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Nature's Co Cranberry Exfoliating Body Wash- review,

Hey readers and friends,
I was not in town for a week and I missed my beautiful readers and of course writing new posts for them but unfortunately in Delhi due to the busy schedule I was totally unable to write new posts. I got a lot of mails of my readers who ware concerned about my absence, I want to say sorry to them and will try my best that I write continuously.
Today I'm here with a thrilling product from Nature's Co who always try to give something new to their costumers which will be not only exciting for them but also great for their skin too.

Cranberry Exfoliating Body Wash 

Cranberry Exfoliating Body Wash from The Nature's Co is from theirForessence Range and is especially made for Dry Skin.

What The Nature's Co says...

This Exotic Cranberry is a great antioxidant that protects the skin from the stress caused by sunlight. Apart from nourishing, it helps to improve moisture & facilitates smoothness. Kiwi seeds & Walnut grits gently exfoliate the skin leaving smooth & renewed. In the shower or bath, spread the scrub over your entire body. 


250 ml


Rs. 845


Each 100 g contains 3% Cranberry extract, 3% Walnut grits, 1% Kiwi seeds, 2% Glycerin, Gel base, Aroma, Natural preservatives & Food grade colours, Q.S.

Cranberry- Cranberries are commercially grown throughout the Northern part of USA & are available in both fresh & processed forms. Cranberry extract helps restore radiance to all skin types & also facilitates smoothness to skin.


The packaging is quite simple and not much stylish like other Nature's Co products. It comes in a transparent tube with a flip top cap which is very easy to carry out and good for storage. The cap is tight and safe from any leakage and it's very easy to take out the product for applying.


The texture in just perfect for applying on the body. It's neither runny nor too thick. Ideal texture for applying on any part of the body.

How to use

Rub it in to exfoliate and then rinse well. It will leave you feeling smooth all over

In the mirror of my own experience

I have used some exfoliating body washes before also but I never found any good body wash in India. When I got this, I was very happy because Nature's Co is an Indian brand and which means I can buy it very easily and in less time. But the question was how is the quality of this body wash? I'm not a person who buys a product only in the name of a big brand, off course Nature's Co has made a good reputation in the market and almost all products which I have used till now from it are of superior quality but as you know every product has its own story so It was necessary to know its quality by using it.
After opening the cap, its lovely cranberry smell made me smile. The smell is quite strong and fills up the whole bathroom which I loved but the smell was quite stable when I started to apply on the body. It was beautiful to see the kiwi seeds and walnut grits on the body. Once you start blending, you feel so nice and exciting to see the lather. It's so mild and you feel it. Actually it's an exfoliating body wash not a body scrub & after using I found my skin really soft and smooth even in such dry winters when my skin becomes dry. I loved the silky effect which I got after using this exfoliating body wash. I never felt my skin dry after using it. For me, it's an essensial thing for winters. The price is quite high for a body wash but it'll be a lovely gift for those who are always concerned about their dry and tight skin after bathing and do not get enough time for applying a body lotion on their body. The quantity is good and you need a less amount of product to cover your whole body so the product can last long.

Good points

Simple but sturdy and safe packaging which is totally easy to store, use and carry out.
I love its lovely cranberry smell.
Looks so nice to see the seeds and grits on your body.
It does lathers enough while blending.
The lovely smell, seeds, grits and lather make my mind fresh and bathing a special feeling.
It's made with some natural ingredients which I love.
It's made for dry skin and it's really perfect for dry skin.
The effect which you get after using it, is great. you get a soft velvety skin even in this dry and chill weather.
Can be an essensial product for super dry skin in winters.

Lathers quite well after a few seconds of rubbing

Bad points

No doubt, it's quite expensive.
Not available easily.


I'm quite impressed by its quality. It's made for dry skin and it stands true to its claim. I never imagine to find my skin so soft and smooth in this dry and freeze weather but I got and love this product. I accept it's quite expensive for an ordinary customer who can spend his money on some essential things, even on cosmetics but will always hesitate to spend his money on a body wash. It's great for those who can afford this price and those who know the value of beauty of their body and know that not only the face requires care but also the body. As far as I'm concerned, I'll surely want to buy it again for next winters.




If you have dry/super dry skin, and are always worried about dryness, you shouldn't think about the price because the effect you'll get after using it, you'll not mind the cost. The quantity is good and you don't need much quantity to cover your whole body so it'll surely last long.


You can purchase this product from Nature's Co website and at their counters too.

Disclaimer- Product sent by PR. Opinions expressed are 100% honest & original.
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