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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Nature's Co Grapefruit Body scrub- review, photos

Hi everyone,

Sometimes most of us get too involved with our face care but tend to ignore our body. But the fact is that even our body requires a proper care & is not to be neglected, in summers as well as winters. If you always care the same for your body like your face, I’ll really appreciate you. Our body too requires a routine care like our face, a routine care according to the weather. If we use a body butter in the dry weather then what in humid weather? The answer is a body scrub!

Something about a body scrub

A body scrub is a suspension of coarse granules (apricot, walnut, oatmeal, sea salt) in a semi-liquid medium or gel (often resembling the consistency of body butter or a moisturizing lotion).A body scrub will actually help to remove all the dead skin off your body and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated, It is the best way to remove a skin tan. If your skin had become rough and has darkened due to pollution or exposure to dust, you can use a body scrub to remove the rough skin layer leaving you with a soft and supple skin.A body scrub is generally used in a complete spa treatment, which involves the use of an exfoliating body scrub and is followed by a hydrating body wrap to nourish the skin and keep it fresh and supple. In case you are not going for the beauty treatment at a spa, you can use a body scrub while having your bath and exfoliate your skin. The routine will be the same like your face scrub. You should use it once or twice in a week, especially in summers and monsoon; but you should use a body butter in winter to maintain the moisturizer balance of your body.

The Nature's Co Grape Fruit Sugar Body Scrub

It's a body scrub with natural ingredient especially for oily or combination skin.

What It claims

For oily skin A trip to the tropics is closer than you think. This scrub has Brown Sugar which is a natural exfoliant and Grapefruit oils that tone skin and restore damaged and stressed tissues. As it removes excess water from the body, it helps treat cellulite. Moisturizing, smoothening and gently exfoliating dull surface cells to reveal clean, fresh and healthy looking skin.


Grapefruit oil

Sunflower oil

Vitamin- E

Lemon oil

Almond oil

Vegetable Glycerin

How to use

In the shower or bath, spread the scrub over your entire body. Rub into skin to exfoliate and then rinse well. It will leave you feeling smooth all over and the citrus fragrance of Grapefruit will linger on. Recommended usage - 1 to 2 times a week.

Net weight

200 ml


Rs 1,295

A closer look

In the mirror of my own experience

Although I have normal-dry skin but as I have mentioned many times that it keeps changing according to the weather. My body is almost similar to my face so I decided to try it in summers when my skin remains normal. I hesitated to use this body scrub which was for oily skin but I had to make a try so I used it. The first experience of applying it on the body was so pleasant because the smell of the scrub was so nice. I love its ingredients which are all natural and very effective for the skin. I applied it all over my body and gave a gentle massage. When I rinsed off the scrub, I found my skin very soft and a bit shiny. Not oily not dry only a healthy and soft skin. I was really impressed after using it first time and also knew that it’s not only for oily skinned people but for normal skin too. I have used it many times after this experience and I’m very happy with its effects on my body. You can understand this by the fact that half of the jar is already finished. This is the really very effective product from the Nature’s Co.

Good points

The packaging is classy like all the Nature’s Co product’s packaging.

I love the smell, it make me fell fresh just after opening the jar.

The ingredients are very very impressive and effective. Lots of valuable oils make the scrub very effective!

It makes my body soft and supple. I feel that I have taken a beauty treatment at my home.

The price is worth the quality and of course the quantity.

Bad points

The jar packaging makes it a bit unhygienic so I have to use a spoon for taking out the product from the jar.

The packaging is not travel friendly so I have to shift some of the product in a small jar for going out.

Not available easily.


Finally I really love this body scrub. Very effective in summers and monsoon. Although they mention it for oily skin but after my own experience I can say that it’s also for normal skin too. It can’t be explain in words. You can get the pleasure of this scrub only after using it yourself. For me, it’s a great product of Nature’s Co.




Highly want to recommend to all my readers and visitors,especially the ones with oily-combo skin type. And the ones with dry skin don't be disappointed, The nature's Co also has one for you- The Irish Moss sugar body scrub you should give a try and you’ll know why I've recommend it to you.

Where to buy

You can buy this scrub on their website HERE

The Nature’s Co: Website, Facebook

So ladies, what is your favorite body scrub? Do you use a body scrub regularly? What is your experience about this product? Would you like to share all these answers with me?

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