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Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's try something new....from hazel to green!

Hi pretty ladies

You have read many reviews about cosmetics, skin care, hair care products & even of some accessories, till now; but today but today I’m going to review something that is new to me as I've had it for the first time, so take a look!

When I was contacted by to review one of their lenses on my blog, I was confused to make a decision that what should I do. But finally i thought of trying something new & got a pair of green circle lens but before reviewing them let's have a few words about Candylens.


Looking for color contact lenses to light up your look? You're in the right place! - an circle lens online store located in Malaysia have full range of circle lens and colored contacts for you.
So, are you ready to turn heads, set hearts thumping triple speed and add a little excitement to your life? Well, let's get it on with CandyLens color contact lenses!!!
The products reach you very quickly and safely without any damage. One of the exciting news about this site that If you purchase 3 pair of lens from them, you get a free Skin79 BB cream free.Isn't it exciting?
Apart from contact & cosmetic lenses they also carry other products like BB creams, false eyelashes, makeup stuff etc!
So don't forget to check out this site!

I was asked to choose 1 pair of circle lens & here is what I liked-

Dolly Green Eye circle lens

Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Replacement Period: 12 months


In the mirror of my own experience

When I got the lens, I was pleased with the manner, they sent me the products. So sweet of them! I’ll show you how they sent the product, the products included a pair of green circle lens, Skin79 Travel size BB Cream, Eye patch mask & a cute case for the lens!

I was very excited to wear the lens but when I tried to wear them, I came to know how difficult it was. I tried many times but failed. I wondered how girls wear so many differed colored lenses with different dresses so easily! This was quite disappointing but then I called up my sis. She wears contact lens so mI knew she would be right one to consult, I kept my problem in front of her and thank God that the way she suggested me, worked very efficiently & finally I did it!! When I first saw my eyes after wearing the one of the lens…oh God, I can’t express my feeling in words. I couldn’t recognize my own eyes. Anyways, after that everything became so easy, that i feel like laughing at myself on the way i had behaved that time!!

About the DollyEye Lens

I wanted a lens which would be something different from my natural eye color so I chose this shade. They were very comfortable to wear.After some trial I wore them throughout the day without any itchy feeling or irritation. They give my eyes a new look which I loved. I have applied green eye shadow with it and the result you can see in the pictures.

Bare eyes

With Green Circle lens


Finally I really love this lens. I want to wear it on Eid with my new dress and I'm sure my guests will pleasantly surprised to see my new look.

So girls what do you think about these green circle lenses?? Do you wear circle lens??
Will be reviewing the BB cream & Eye mask very soon!

Candylens- Website, Facebook
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