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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Makari Beauty Whitening Milk-Review & photos

Hi pretty ladies,

You have read a lot of cosmetic reviews on my blog these days but today I’m bringing up a very different and amazing product which is related to your skin. AMAZING will not be a wrong word for this and trust me it's a really effective product. Today I’m reviewing about the Makari Beauty Whitening Milk which has an impressive formula for removing spots from the skin.

Makari Beauty Whitening Milk

This a moisturizing milk with a pleasant smell which moisturize very well the skin without make it greasy.

What it claims

This product is particularly effective against hyper- pigmented spots, age spots liver spots, scars and all signs of premature aging of skin. Regular use will keep your skin luminous, soft and in perfect condition. The beauty milk is 100% Hydroquinone free and deeply hydrating. Originally created for medical use this product delivers soft, healthy and safe result.

Skin types

It’s suitable for all skin types except acne prone skin.

Direction of use

Gently massage into skin twice daily after cleansing the skin.

Net weight


Rs 2,400


If I were to rate the packaging of this product, it would be nothing less than 5/5 coz the packaging is just marvelous. White with shiny golden combo is something that can be truly considered as grand…isn’t it?

This beauty whitening milk comes in a classy white bottle which has a beautiful golden cap & a golden bottom too.

In the mirror of my own experience

I was really impressed to see the royal packaging but as you know that we don’t invest our money only to see good packaging. The real thing is inside the bottle so I opened it and a light heavenly smell welcomed me. Hey I don’t know the smell of heaven but this was something that indulged me very deeply from the inside. Anyways I can’t explain it exactly.

Usually my skin is good but if you are a regular reader of my blog, I motioned about some brown spots on my forehead for which I have to get some concealer to hide them. These spots are due to the bad effect of sun light although I always use a sunscreen after going out but I’m a careless person, sometimes I forget and sometimes forget to reapply the sunscreen and as a result, I got this gift from sun:p I used this whitening milk not only in the day time but also at night before going to my bed. The smell insisted me to apply it at night also. Anyways, I used it for about 18-20 days and I was amazed to see my clean face without any spots on my forehead. This whitening milk not only made my skin spotless but also made it silky, soft and supple. I was pleasantly surprised to see its effect only in 20 days. I haven’t finished the bottle yet. Really it’s an amazing product from Makari. Usually after hearing the 'whitening' word we think about a product which is made for dark skin but this one is not for making one’s skin white but also spotless, luminous and perfect. I think the cost is worth its quality. It’s an impressive and effective formula by Makari.

Good points

  • It works according to it's claim.
  • The packaging is royal and classy.
  • The smell is as lovely as I've mentioned above.
  • The texture is milky but not runny. Easily can be taken out from the bottle and applied on the face.
  • It gets absorbed easily and makes it soft and supple without making it greasy.
  • It’s an effective formula for spots. I accept this after using this product.
  • It gives a quick effect. I saw its effect on my face only in 20 days. I admit that my spots were not dark but they disturbed me whenever I saw them on my forehead in the mirror.
  • The quantity is good. Even after using it for 20 days, more than half of the bottle is still left.
  • Besides removing the spots off the skin, it makes the skin soft and silky.

Bad points

The cost of this product is quite high but after realizing its effect, I can say that it is worth of it. We usually tend to spend a lot of money on expensive cosmetics but sometimes do ignore our skincare products. in my opinion, I will never spend so much on a cosmetic but if the product's for my skin I will definitely do so without much hesitation. So spending our money on an impressive product will not be wrong.

Final thoughts

Finally I can say that it’s a gift from Makari for the ladies who are worried about the pigmented spots on their faces. They can invest their money without any tension because this product would definitely work for them as it has done for me. Maybe dark spots would take some times to lighten but surely would be cleared after regular usage.


I'm happy to have got such a remarkable product and I will surely recommend it to everyone.

Will I buy it again?

I hope, I’ll not get any spots again on my face but if I get them again I’ll surely buy it.



So girls, it’s a unique and impressive product which can really make your skin spotless and make it clear and perfect. I love this whitening milk.

Check out their website for some other amazing products.

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