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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Lotus Cocomoist Moisturizing Lotion(review)

I brought this moisturizer for this rainy season. In this weather my normal skin becomes a bit oily so I have to try some other products which are different from the usual ones. Moisturizer is must for daily skin care.My Shamoist is the best for me in winter but I have to change it in summer & monsoon. I have tried some other moisturizers which gave good results. Today I'm gonna tell you about Lotus Cocomoist Moisturizing Lotion.

What the company claims-

An all purpose moisturizing lotion that promotes soft, silky and smooth skin.Maintains the pH balance of skin and enhance its moisture retention capacity.

Active Ingredients-Cocoa-Butter, Rose water and Honey.

Direction of use-

What I like in this product-

  • The main achievement of this moisturizer is it is not greasy.
  • In this humidity ( Dehradun experiences very heavy rains) it is greatly successful.
  • There is no trace of stickiness on my skin after applying it.

  • It's not thick & it easily smudges into the skin pores.
  • I love its light aroma.
  • I have finished half of the bottle and my skin does not experience any problem with it.
  • The cost of this moisturizer Rs. 250 is pretty reasonable.
  • The pump out bottle is nice and comfortable . I take out the needed quantity without touching & wasting it.

What I don't like in this product-

It is thin and good only in summer and monsoon but not in winter when my skin needs more moisturizer.(It is good for combination skin in cold weather).

Will I purchase it again?

Why not, but not in coming winter. 

So ladies, what is your experience with this moisturizer, I'll really want to know this. 



  1. hey nice post. but somehow i always strike out with "lotus" products.

  2. @indianmakeupways-thanks...maybe, but I have always found it good...not only it's moisturizer but also it's scrub and of course sunscreen..

  3. Glad to know this worked for you.. It is very importantly like you mentioned, to vary skin care routine with weather. The weather has a very big role to play in our skin health, and the more flexible we are withour routines, the better it is for the skin :)

  4. @Tanveer- you are absolutely right.We can't say anything about our skin texture. It keeps changing according to seasons...haha

  5. i have a soft corner for lotus products, they are cheaper on the pocket, and deliver results as well

  6. i have a soft corner for lotus products, they are cheaper on pocket and deliver results

  7. @ Rentu: You are absolutely right Rentu...

  8. I have tried few lotus products and till no haven't been dissapointed with them..but my skin and yur skin is way different so will have to think about that also..

    by the way dear never knew u r married and with a kid..u look so young:)

  9. interesting products
    Great Review Thanks

  10. Nice post! I have heard good things about this brand xoxo

  11. Nice products. Sounds like a really good brand. xx

  12. cocoa butter is a great ingredient. i can understand why this wouldn't be good in the winter since it's thin. great review!

    Be sure to enter my Jewelry & Dior Giveaway!

  13. I swear by Neutrogena in the humid months.It's priced the same and comes in a pump bottle too.

  14. Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you did because now I found yours and it is a great blog! Do you live in the US? because most of these products I don't recognize.

  15. Hello, Darling!

    Love this review, girlie! And I am a big fan of Lotus. But can't get it in the UK. Everytime I go to Delhi, I buy lots and lots of Lotus from the Pharmacies.

    Next time I'm in India, I will pick some of this cream up. :)

    By the way, you asked for my e-mail once, my e-mail is


  16. @ ShaGlam - You welcome on my blog dear..No, I live in India that is why you don't recognize these products...

    1. hey Rakshanda, my skin is oily sensitive. Could you suggest me which lotus moisturiser is best for my skin in coming summer.

  17. @DesignerSpray-Thanks for your sweet comment Halima, to be honest,I really love your are right Lotus's products are very good.It's face packs, sunscreen and face scrub are really fabulous...I use these products so I can tell honestly...yes thanks, I'll write a mail to you soon.

  18. It sounds absoulutely fab! I love anything with coconut! Maybe we should do a beauty swap one of these days!! xoxo

  19. Oh I use Bath and Body Works currently am happy with it but if I ever use this, I will let you know! :)

  20. hey I am already using Lotus moisturiser and very happy with this product. I have no problem with this in winter also. It is better than Lakme moisturizer.
    you haven't answered me for your festival look but I'm still waiting.

  21. i hav dry skin.. can i try dis??? there r no side effects as such right? can i apply dis on to ma face??

  22. You can surely give it a try sana....but it's a bit thin so not much suitable for very dry winters!

  23. hey..i have pimples on my face..i m using lotus papaya blem..but cann't put it all the tym...will this be beneficial for me?? can i apply this on my sensitive face??

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