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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lotus Herbals PHYTORx Herbcomplex Protective Lotion- Complete review, photos

Hi lovely ladies,

After sharing with you my first glance of Lotus Herbals PHYTORx Herbcomplex Protective Lotion I had promised you all that after using it I’ll share my experience with everyone. Since then I got many mails from some readers to tell them about my experience with this product but as you know I couldn’t write its review so soon without giving it a 10-15 days trial.

Anyways now I have used it for about 15 days so I can share my experience with you.

Lotus Herbals PHYTORx Herbcomplex Protective Lotion

What it claims:

An everyday moisturizing sun protector with SPF-15 that not only lacks in essential moisture but it also works as defense system for the skin from ill-effects of the sun, wind, UV radiation and heat.

It helps heal minor rashes and sun burns. Shields skin from invading elements while keeping it protected and well moisturized.

Active Ingredients-

Rose- it refresh he skin, make new cell

Aloe Vera-it makes the skin soft.

Chamomile-it’s good antiseptic for skin also can make the skin supple.

Wheat extracts- it rejuvenates the skin and gives softness too.

Direction of use-

Apply generous quantity on face, neck and exposed areas. Spread all over evenly.


I have already discussed about the packaging HERE.

In the mirror of my own complete experience-

When I had applied it for the first time, the quick experience was good. My skin absorbed the lotion completely and gave me a matte finish but it didn’t make my skin dry. I applied it twice a day during this period. First in the morning after washing my face and then in the evening again after washing. So this was my routine during these 13-15 days and as a result my skin has become quite healthy, soft and rejuvenating. The best thing is that in spite of being suitable for oily and combination skin, it’s good for normal skin also in summers. Thus I can say that I'm really impressed by this product and would surely repurchase it after finishing this bottle.

Good points-

I love the texture of this lotion. It has a watery thin texture and spreads very easily. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness behind only giving a soft lovely feeling on my face.

I love its light fragrance which reminds me of rose petals.

It has SPF 15 in it so if I forget to apply my sunscreen (inside the house) there is no tension at all, which is a big advantage of this lotion. But I always apply a sunscreen lotion after apply it before going outside.

I can use it before applying stick or liquid foundation for makeup. It gives a lovely finish to the face.

It is preservative free, parable free and free from any artificial fragrance or color and not tested on animals.

Though the bottle doesn’t have any cap on it but the plastic ring keeps prevents the lotion from spilling out if the pump is pressed accidentally.

It has given my skin a healthy, soft and supple look only in 15 days. So I love this lotion.

In my opinion, it more better for oily to combination skin girls. They should surely give it a try.

I want to congrats and thank Lotus for lunching this lovely lotion in this hot summer season.

Not blended:

On blending:

Bad points-

The packaging, especially the bottle being without any cap. The plastic ring which is given with it to secure this lotion is not that good as it can be lost anywhere so it's just something temporary. Unfortunately I too have lost it.

The pump is okay but sometimes it doesn’t work properly and lotion comes out with some difficulty as the result it comes out sometimes less and too much in quantity.

It’s good for day time but not at night for me.

It’s a fine option for summers but not for winter as my skin becomes dry in the chilled weather of my city.

It’s available only on salons so it’s not easy to find it sometimes.

Overall verdict-

After using 15 days, I can say that I love this lotion. Like all Lotus products it has done a great job!!




Best option for oily to combo skinned girls. Will work in winters as well for oily skin.

So hope you liked this review. Have you used this product?? What do you think about it??

Have a great day!!

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