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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maybelline shadow stylist- Review and swatches

Hi lovely ladies,

The year is coming to an end. So what are your New Year resolutions for 2011? I haven't made any because I know that I'll never follow them. he he!! Anyways wish everyone all the best for an amazing New Year!!! Enjoy<3

So today I'm reviewing Maybelline Shadow Stylist loose powder 620 Contemporary white.

I bought it on my trip to Delhi. I wanted some unique product for my eyes, when i saw this the bell rang in my mind. I love silver shade and always look for it in different brands so without wasting my time I bought it.

The Maybelline Shadow Stylist is loose powder eye shadow in a bottle with a sponge tip applicator. I bought it in white pearl shade, the price of this product is Rs 325.

Directions for use:

* Shake package. Tap off excess powder.
* Use the unique sponge tip applicator to apply one layer to your eyelids for a basic look.
* Apply more pressure during application for more color and intensity.
* To further intensify the look, add lighter shades to highlight and darker shades to contour your eyes.

Why I love this product:

It is unique in many ways.

The packaging is lovely like a nail polish or eyeliner and is very cute.

Very easy to keep it in my purse or vanity case. Very comfortable in applying on my lids.

One coat is enough for getting a natural pearl shade.

Amazing blending by its applicator. After one coat, my lids look bright and even. It can be applied on the brow bone for highlighting.

It evens out my lid colour.

It can be mixed with other dark shades too to create a party style look.
This shimmer shadow so beautifully decorates the eyes with it's shimmery effect.

Glides on so easily and covers the whole of the lid in 1 or 2 swipes...Isn't that amazing! I've used many Maybelline shadows and none of them were very pigmented or shimmery but this loose powder is really amazing. Well done Maybelline:))

I'll surely get some other shades too like black, green, brown, blue etc.


The quantity is really less.

Here is the swatch. Only 2 swipes without any base-

Anyways it is a lovely product so I'm satisfied.

So ladies hope you liked this product because I surely did! Have you tried any other shades? What do you think?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tips and cures for dark under-eye circles

Hi beauties,
Christmas is over, you all must have enjoyed your festival and parties and i hope now you all ladies would be in a holiday mood. So friends, enjoy your holidays but take care of your health and beauty as well.
Now let's come to the point. I'm writing this post for my facebook friend and readers Saba and Nisha, who had written me about their under eye dark circle problem some days ago but I hadn't given any reply because I thought that this being a major problem with many people, I can help them by doing a post about it.
So girls, now I'm writing a full post for solving your problem because I wanted to answer in detail.

Dark under eye circles: Dark under eye circle is a common problem, which is caused by lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dietary deficiency or disease. It is generally easy to spot people with chronic insomnia by the tell-tale circles around the eyes. Sleep is very essential both to health and beauty.

What should you do?
If insomnia is your problem, or you suffer from frequent fatigue, you must consult your doctor. With medical help, you should follow a daily beauty routine.
Remember that the skin around the eyes is very delicate so choose your cosmetic products with care.
Every night cleanse the skin around the eyes with a rehydrant gel or cleansing milk, using moist cotton. Then apply an under eye cream. Products that you are using around the eyes must be very light in texture.
An under eye cream, containing lanolin and almond is ideal. Almond helps to remove dark circles as it is a mild natural bleach. it is also an excellent skin food. Remove the cream with moist cotton wool after ten minutes.

No cream should be left on the skin around the eyes for long periods.
You have to take care of your diet as well. A balance diet which contains a lot of green vegetables, proteins, Vitamins and minerals is essential.
Soak 2 or 3 almonds in water for the night. In the morning peel them off and eat them.This too helps to reduce dark circles.

Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water. Eat fresh seasonal fruits.

Some home remedies which can help:
Soak 1 almond in water in an earthen bowl for the whole night. Peel off the almond and then grind with raw milk. Mix some drops of honey and apply around your eye area. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wipe gently with moist cotton wool. it's a very useful way to reduce darkness.Almond is the best ingredient especially for the skin around the eyes. No doubt, it has a mild bleaching effect and removes under eye circles.
Potato is also useful for skin around eyes but it is much effective to reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Some exercise is very helpful for the dark circles.
In the morning when you get up from your bed, rub your palm with each other. When you feel hot, keep your palms on your eyes and cover them for some time. Remove them slowly. Do it 2 or 3 times & you'll surly see the difference after some months.
You have to be patient if you want to get rid from this problem.

Some products which can help:
There are a lot of products for dark circle in the market. You can use Shahnaz Hussain's Shasmooth, L'Oreal under eye cream. Garnier, Oriflame's and Avon's products can be used too. In my opinion, Shasmooth is a very good product for this problem. I'll soon review it.
Use a good concealer during makeup for these dark circles.

Try to be happy, smile and enjoy your life without any tension. Be positive, it is very necessary for your beauty and health. Life is the name of ups and downs, happiness and sorrow but if you face it with positively, you always will be the winner.
Saba and Nisha I hope this is helpful.
If you can, give any useful suggestion for this problem. You all can also help them.

And by the way wanted to make an announcement.I've reached 300+ followers so I'm planning to have a nice giveaway once I reach 350 followers. So hope it
happens quickly and be ready guys!!

Happy holidays:))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My christmas look!

Hello dear ladies and my beautiful readers,

I hope you all are fine and would be busy in the preparations for coming festival. Many of my readers asked me to post a Christmas look. I have some Christian friends living nearby, they have invited me to the parties but unfortunately I had to refuse their invitations. As you know the month of Muharram is going on. After my last post of Muharram i came to know that unfortunately most of my readers are not aware about this month. I think we all should know about every religion, this will surely bring us closer. This is very necessary for a true globalization.

Anyways, I should explain some thing about this month. Ladies, as you know that it is a sad occasion and this is continue about 2 month and during these days we keep away from all kinds of makeup and jewelery and even colorful dresses like red, yellow etc. we don't participate in any of the functions, party or any kind of occasion. My friends understood it so they didn't insist me.
But I love my readers and respect their wishes so I had prepared a post for Christmas look before Muharram and I'm very happy that I'm able to keep my reader's request because being a blogger it's my duty to help my readers.

So this is the look for Christmas. I love to apply gold eye shadow on any festival occasion. My sweater was black so i mixed black shadow with gold.
I have applied dark sparkling shade on my lips. Check it out and hope you like it:))


Chambor liquid foundation

Revlon compact powder


Loreal blush -Sandalwood pink

Revlon illuminator- gold


Rimmel silk eye shadow trio(for golden shade)

L'oreal Star secrets quad Midnight blue(for black shade)

Revlon eyeliner- black beauty

L'oreal mascara

Revlon eyelashes


Colorbar lipstick...this one is my favorite lol..Then I gave it a golden sparkly touch with my Colorbar quad
The full look:

I have given asoft curl to my hair, wore my favorite jewelry set and I'm ready to go to any Christmas party.

This is the look and I'm done.
Hope you would like this for your party.
Lots of love to my friends and readers<3>

Friday, December 17, 2010

Lakme eye shadow quartet- Tanjore Rush ( Review and swatches)

Hello ladies, Here I am back with a new post. Today I'm gonna review Lakme Gypsy collection eye shadow quartet Tanjore Rush.

I know I'm really late in reviewing this but anyways when bloggers reviewed these palettes this was my favorite one. As you people know that it was my is marriage last month so I thought why not do her bridal makeup myself so as to utilize my skills. Her dress was green and maroon so I needed a palette which had green, maroon and golden shades in it. Then I remembered about his palette and yeah I bought it!!

What it claims- Versatile quartets of vivid, high intensity powders put together to color, shape and highlight your eyes in an explosion of radiant color.

Price- Rs 425

As you know there are 4 shades in this palette and all are shimmery.
Tanjore Rush consist of golden yellow shade, bronze, forest green and wine purple.

Here are are my views on all these shades-

1. The first one is a wine purple shade. Such a gorgeous shade...Isn't it? Can be used to create a smokey eye look too.

2. The second one is forest green or you can call it a blackish green shade and this one is my favorite. Has a lovely texture and blends well.

3. The third one is a mixture of maroon and bronze. A nice shade and this one adds another bronze in my bronze-copper collection. Haven't used this one much till now.

4. The last one is a yellowish golden shade. I was not much impressed by this shade as it was not the perfect golden which I wanted. But still it has it's own quality so can't just kick it off.



All shades are super pigmented.

Silky and shimmery vibrant ones. Very well suited for night makeup and party looks.

Their lasting power is...well... not veryyy good but not very bad. They last up to 3-4 hours which is good enough.


All shades are shimmery and very loud ones. I suppose they could have added one matte shade too.
The applicator is not a good one.
The sponge tip does not give a nice coverage and blending.

Here are the swatches only 2 swipes each-

Will I recommend it- Yes certainly! I'm very impressed by this palette and would surely tell my readers to try it out especially for festive occasions.

Soon I'll do a post posting pics of my sis' makeup which I had done.

So guys have to tried this palette? What do you think about it?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Muharram( the sacrifice for Islam)

Note- I would request my readers not to wish Happy Muharram because this is a very sad occasion.
Very busy this week because Muharram is going on. Have to keep attending Majalises but still I felt that I should tell you people about Muharram. I know that most of us would be knowing about this event already but still I felt that being a Muslim it is my responsibility to tell you about it. Today is 8th Muharram and on Thursday is the day of Ashura i.e. 10th Muharram. Now let's begin-

is the first month of the Islamic New Year and is marked by a 10 day period of mourning for the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (A.S. - Peace be upon him), Hussain ibn Ali (A.S.) who was massacred along with his family on the plains of Kerbala, Iraq.
It was on the 10th of this month, known as the night of Ashura, 680 A.D.that Imam Hussain (A.S..), the choicest scion of the family of Prophet Muhammad (A.S.) became a marty under such difficult conditions by the cruel ruler, Yazid, son of Muawiyah who treated them so cruelly that he even stopped their food and water supply due to which they had to remain without food and water for 3 days in the extreme hot weather of that desert, Karbala.

Images from Google

In the events of 10 days, in that one spot on earth, all the great lessons of the Qur'an were brought to life in front of the witness of history - and all those who were or are in doubt that the highest ideals of the Qur'an could be lived up to - all those who felt that the highest Qur'anic ideals were beyond the reach of humans - were in that place on Earth, that Kerbala, proved wrong. Doubts were shattered, and the jewels of Qur'anic truth were brought out and displayed in the desert of Kerbala.

Painter imagines Imam Hussain(A.S) horse Zuljanah returning after war and Imam's martyrdom.

The beginning of the Muslim New Year in the year 680 A.D., the greatest act of renewal was begun. The events of the first 10 days of Muharram marked the point of a new beginning for Islam when truth was victorious over wrong deeds. Imam Hussain (A.S.) proved that wars are not only won by violence and by shedding each others blood but by sacrifice and patience.

Here are some famous sayings of some famous writers and authors-

Thomas Carlyle (Scottish historian and essayist):

“The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Cerebella is that Husain and his companions were rigid believers in God. They illustrated that the numerical superiority does not count when it comes to the truth and the falsehood. The victory of Husain, despite his minority, marvels me!”

Edward Gibbon (English historian and member of parliament):
“In a distant age and climate, the tragic scene of the death of Husein will awaken the
sympathy of the coldest reader.” (The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, London,
1911, volume 5, p. 391-392)

Mahatma Gandhi (Indian political and spiritual leader):
“I learnt from Hussain how to achieve victory while being oppressed.”

Charles Dickens (English novelist):
“If Husain had fought to quench his worldly desires…then I do not understand why his sister, wife, and children accompanied him. It stands to reason therefore, that he sacrificed purely for Islam.”

Edward G. Brown (Professor at the University of Cambridge):
“…a reminder of that blood-stained field of Karbala, where the grandson of the Apostle of God fell, at length, tortured by thirst, and surround by the bodies of his murdered kinsmen, has been at anytime since then, sufficient to evoke, even in the most lukewarm and the heedless, the deepest emotion, the most frantic grief, and an exaltation of spirit before which pain, danger, and death shrink to unconsidered trifles.”
(A Literary History of Persia, London, 1919, p.227)

Sir William Muir (Scottish orientalist):
“The tragedy of Karbala decided not only the fate of the Caliphate, but also of Mohammadan kingdoms long after the Caliphate had waned and disappeared.”
(Annals of the Early Caliphate, London, 1883, p.441-442)

So this was all what I wanted to tell my readers around the world about Muharram and it's importance. Hope you like this post. Have a great week!!!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sleek giveaway

Good morning ladies,

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Have a nice weekend!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Some times it happens that we are in hurry not too well but suddenly we are insisted to go out somewhere by our brothers and sisters, our boy friends or hubby. We can’t refuse them but the question is what to do when we do not have much time to ready ourselves.
I know this moment often comes in your life. What do you do then? Either you go in a simple look or you take much time for yourself and listen to some unpleasant comments for it.
But next time when you face that moment you can pick some tips from here for your preparation. Believe me it will take only 10 minutes and you can get a simple but nice look.

For more advice on how to create a simple but nice look, you can look through this list of online colleges to find the right cosmetology degree for you.

10 minute look-
1-at first wash your face, wipe it and apply some moisturizer if you need. Take any stick foundation or compact which contains foundation in it. You can use Colorbar compact, Lakme magic, Mac compact plus foundation, Loreal roll on or Chambor stick foundation.
I have used here Chambor stick foundation. You need only 1 or ½ min for it.
2- Eyes
You have to spend some time for your eyes but maximum 5 min. Take any shadow palette choose a shade according to your dress. Now apply very lightly because we don’t need dark shade. You can take Maybelline palette, Chambor trio, Mac single color shadow, Lakme quartet, Rimmel trio or any other brand.
Here I have used Maybelline lilac shades and my dress was purple so it was matching.
You have to apply the shadow from inner corner to outer corner of your eyelids. No need to apply any shade on your brow bone but you can use a very light one if you want.
Take your mascara and use only one coat for your lashes. First upper lashes then lower lashes. It will be better if you have transparent mascara.

I have used Loreal Extra volume mascara.
No need to apply blush on your cheeks. Sometimes our own skin glows without the blush.
I haven’t used any blush here.
Only natural and light color lip gloss is what you need. Apply and press your lips over one another. You can choose natural shades from Revlon, Lakme, Maybelline, Mac, Loreal, Colorbar or any other.
I have used Colorbar transparent lip gloss.

Now brush your hair and leave it loose. Don’t tie, take your purse, wear your shoes and you are completely ready to go out anywhere. Come out from your room with a lovely smile and go with your partner. Don’t forget to look at your partner’s face who would be surprised to see you ready so soon.
Hey, where are you going Madam?
At least you should say thanks to me. Hahaha:))

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Jewelery shopping in Jaipur and Delhi

Hi ladies,
It's just the beginning of December and it's sooo cold here. What will happen in Jan??? Hope I don't freeze..he he:)) How is the weather in your cities??
Anyways we'll see....Today I'm not reviewing any product. So guess what?? Recently I had gone to Shimla and Jaipur. So my shopping not only consisted of makeup stuff but also some jewelery. I love collecting antique and traditional jewelry. So here are some sets on which I spent quite lot of money but they all were fabulous so couldn't stop myself from doing so. Check it out and hope you like it-

A pair of lovely golden brown earrings. I bought it in Jaipur. It was for Rs 1000 but after bargaining a bit I got it in Rs 800. 1000 was too much. Isn't it?? But they are my favourite...GORGEOUS!!
If you love the design of these and want to learn how to make your own, you may be interested in taking online classes in design.

And just see this one. Such a pretty one. This one was also from Jaipur.
Price- Rs 1100. It gives such a pretty traditional look.

This one is in silver. It's a stylish one and again from Jaipur.
Price- Rs 2500. I found it a bit pricey but anyways as it is silver it had to be.

This one was from Shimla and looks quite stylish.
Price- Rs 250

Awww look at's really gorgeous!! A back hairpin with studded stones. Love it but not the price...he:) Rs 750. This one is from Delhi.

Ohhh i love this one. I was fascinated when i saw it in the shop. It's not heavy but the elegance suitable for sari or suit. Its delicate design makes it more beautiful. The cost of this set is not much. It is of 3000 Rs. and main thing is the 75% resell value of this set, so I'm happy about the price. I got this too from Delhi.
I'm crazy about Rajasthani jewelries, wanted get more, but...anyway next time.
I think these traditional jewelries bring me much closer to my country's culture and tradition. You can easily consider me a cultural and traditional person, especially the Rajasthani and Mughal culture attract me very much. Whenever I went to see the Taj Mahal , Red Fort or Hawa Mahel, I was totally fascinated and mesmerized. A strange feeling tied me as i remembered about them...ohhh you must be thinking that I'm crazy. So leave this topic, hope you like this post. I'll really want to know about your views.
Have a great week:))

Friday, December 3, 2010

Maybelline Extreme Moisture lip liner- Review

Good evening everyone,

Today I'm reviewing Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipliner in Glamour Red.

Lip liners are a must have in one's makeup collection. I've got many lip liners and now I added one more to my collection.

Although I love using Colorbar and Revlon lip liners but this time for a change I thought why not try one from Maybelline as well. 

These liners are available in 5 shades but this one was the best and I bought it.

Price: Rs 200

 Lip liner is smooth in texture and glides on my lips smoothly.

Doesn't dry off the lips which is a very good quality.

The tip won't break coz it is in a pencil style.

Does not smudge.

So I would say that the price is worth the product and it's nicely pigmented too.

I like the packaging and the pencil doesn't get blunt very soon either.

 Sorry I couldn't put any swatches coz my camera's battery went out at that time.

Will I recommend it- Yes you can buy this but still I find Colorbar better but this product did not disappoint me....Good job:))

Will I buy it again: Yeah maybe,  another shade next time!!

So have you tried any product from Maybelline's Exteme moisture range?Go ahead and get one:))



Hi guys,

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All the best!!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush- Review

Hi ladies,

It's really good to be back. Now I'll continue writing more and more reviews and other posts on my blog coz it's really been a long time. These days my Internet connection is not working properly so I'm not able to comment on everyone's blogs but I promise that I'll get it repaired soon.

Anyways today's review is about a new Maybelline Expert Wear blush on which I bought recently. Shade: 95 Potpourri

As you can see that it's a dark pink shade which is a color that suits many of your dresses.

PRICE: Rs 209

Very reasonable as most of the Maybelline products are.

Gives a nice light glow to the cheeks.

It can suit even dark skin tones as well as light ones.

I like the applicator provided.

It's oil free.

The staying power is really impressive( 6-7 hours)

Available in many shades and I find Dusty mauve and Berry Sorbet lovely colors.

It's a nice product but not very pigmented.

But overall I liked this product and according to the price it's really impressive.

RATING: 3.5/5

So guys have to tried any of the Maybelline blushes?? Which shades have you used?
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