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Monday, November 29, 2010

Maybelline Expert Wear Blush- Review

Hi ladies,

It's really good to be back. Now I'll continue writing more and more reviews and other posts on my blog coz it's really been a long time. These days my Internet connection is not working properly so I'm not able to comment on everyone's blogs but I promise that I'll get it repaired soon.

Anyways today's review is about a new Maybelline Expert Wear blush on which I bought recently. Shade: 95 Potpourri

As you can see that it's a dark pink shade which is a color that suits many of your dresses.

PRICE: Rs 209

Very reasonable as most of the Maybelline products are.

Gives a nice light glow to the cheeks.

It can suit even dark skin tones as well as light ones.

I like the applicator provided.

It's oil free.

The staying power is really impressive( 6-7 hours)

Available in many shades and I find Dusty mauve and Berry Sorbet lovely colors.

It's a nice product but not very pigmented.

But overall I liked this product and according to the price it's really impressive.

RATING: 3.5/5

So guys have to tried any of the Maybelline blushes?? Which shades have you used?

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hi lovely ladies!!
Hope everyone is fine....Just wanna inform you that I'm back. Actually it was my sister's marriage, so was very busy those days. Then I even went to Shimla & Jaipur to visit an old friend.All this was great fun & I enjoyed a lot. But the worst thing is that we were so busy that couldn't take proper pics also:((I returned day before but got very busy in settling down everything. Couldn't even comment on my favourite bloggers' posts and missed you guys a lot.Anyways I'm finally back and now got to resume my blogging. Will soon be back with some new products!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi Beauties..Happy Eid to all of you.
Now tell me honestly, what do you think when the festivals are on their way? About the preparation, the guests, decorations or......your look..haha. This is the fact and you can say is the weakness of women. When any function and festival  comes, she is always concerned about her look, her jewelries, her outfit and her makeup. But in the other way this concern makes her happy as well. Isn't it??
Actually tomorrow I'm going to Delhi for something very important ( Tell you guys afterwards). And now I'll only be back on the 24th or 25th. I'll miss all of you a lot coz blogging has become a part of my daily life and it's really hard to leave it for so many days. Anyways will try...not sure... to comment on your blogs but can't do a post myself. But will surely share lots of pics with you all.:))
When you have something important you have to go do but you still want to update your website,you can get content for websites for free from Article Writing Services. 

Anyways today I am here again with a festive look for you guys only....A simple pinky look:) Have a look and hope you like it!!
I got some mails asking me to give the makeup tips for this festival so I have to give my look before Eid.I know that many of us would surely want to look special on this occasion and I hope this look will help you for this occasion.
Hey, you don't need any special effort for this pinky look. There's a very natural and simple makeup which I have used here.
He he...A funny pose:
The products I have used here:
For face:
Chambor liquid foundation
Revlon compact powder
Chambor blush
For eyes:
Street Wear FX eyes Cutey Petutti cream eyeshadow
Colorbar eyeliner- black
Revlon Mascara
For lips:
Revlon pink lip liner
Rimmel Pink Flamingo shimmer lipstick
Pink salwar suit- Rs 3500
Bangles set- Rs 600
Pearl Necklace- Rs 1000
Tika- Rs 450
Silver Earrings( Jhumka)- Rs 900

The final look:
So as you can see that I haven't used many products. Hope you liked this look!!
Goodbye for now...will surely meet after a week<3
Eid Mubarak once again!!:)))


Information about to all my readers

Hello lovely ladies,

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Today I just wanted you all to check out this- is a brand new, fresh and inspirational new online retailer - offering all the latest trends, due to launch within the next few weeks.

I have been approached by them to offer my readers exclusive discounts.

Anyone who joins the facebook page - and invites all of their friends will receive a discount code for 25% off their first order once you email  Its a great, quick way to become part of the 'love' community'.

So this was what I wanted you guys to know about. If you do not believe this you can even check out this site- JUST CLICK HERE. It is an awesome site about women's wear. I've taken these pics from there only so that you get an idea.

Thank you ladies!! Happy Eid to you in advance. Will be coming up with a new look very soon.:))


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas giveaway by Beck

Hi guys,

You can enter this awesome Christmas Giveaway by Beck at

It ends on 3rd December.



Friday, November 12, 2010

Revlon Colorburst lipstick- Review and Swatches

Hi guys,

I'm very happy as I've reached 250 followers. Amazing!! Thanks a lot to all my followers who like reading my blog.

Today I'm gonna review Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach 075.

It is such an awesome shade coz it's neither very light nor very dark so it's a perfect coralish shade.

I love the packaging.

This shade suits many dresses and can be used in combinations.

The formula is soft and creamy. It’s one the most moisturising formula ever and it never dries out my lips.

What I do love about these is the fact that they have a glossy finish but aren’t much shimmery.

The lack of shimmer in these shades is refreshing and it's very wearable...lasts 6-8 hours.

You won't feel heavy after applying this.

It feels really different after wearing this.

Here is the swatch:

PRICE: Rs 525


It's a bit pricey but's fine!

I really want to try it's Rosy Nude shade and even Carnation...They are lovely shades!!!

Have you tried REVLON COLORBURST LIPSTICKS?? Which shades do you have??

And if you don't should surely try it out. It's really the best!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wise She giveaway

Hi ladies!!

Check out this awesome giveaway by Anamika. You can check the details by clicking HERE.

The giveaway ends 22nd Nov. So hurry!!



Monday, November 8, 2010

Pears Cleansing Facewash- Review

Hi pretty ladies 

A new week has begun and everything is back to its normal.

Today I'm reviewing Pears Fresh and Gentle Cleansing Face wash

Price: Rs 50 for 60 g

Has exfoliating beads. Soap free washing preparation.

How to Use: Squeeze a little gel on your fingertip. Apply on face and work up a lather. Use daily for best results.

My experience:

1. I bought this facewash around four days ago coz I was not very happy with my Neutrogena one.

2. I have been using Pears bathing soap which gave me good results so I wanted to try this out.

3. It has exfoliating beads which are really good as this works like a light scrub.

4. The smell is not very pleasant but it's okay.

5. Removes non- waterproof makeup very easily but waterproof  not very easily but still works...So I would not call it bad.

6. Not too expensive...worth the product.

7. Like the packaging.

8.The good thing is that it works for my normal skin and keeps it from being dry.

9.Very gentle and light in texture, not harsh for skin.

10. Also available for oily skin.

11. Produces lather easily.

Worth a buy: Yes and I would recommend it you guys also.

So have you tried this product? Which other face washes have you tried?


Friday, November 5, 2010

Award Time!!

Hi ladies,

Today I'm just sharing a few awards which I got recently.

I received this lovely award from three sweet bloggers- Leslie, Rinz & Jolene. I just love reading their blogs....Leslie has a great collection of nail goodies and other cosmetics. You can check out her blog at

Rinz is a pretty blogger and has a lovely blog which is all about beauty and fashion and you should surely check it out at

Jolene is just the amazing blogger with an amazing blog-

Thank you so much ladies!!!:))

Now I would like to tag 16 great bloggers. Actually there should be 15 but I love many so I did 16. And they are-

Congrats ladies!! Enjoy the weekend.


Beauty Ambition 600 follower giveaway

Check out this fabulous 600 followers giveaway by Beauty Ambition.

She is giving Urban Decay Book of shadows vol III. Isn't that a fabulous gift.!! Giveaway is open till 3rd December. For other details click HERE.


Thursday, November 4, 2010


All made up and Fashioned in Finland are having awesome giveaways.

You can check out All Made Up's Christmas giveaway and the details by clicking here.

And here is Fashioned in Finland's Sleek giveaway. Just click HERE for all the other details.

Happy Diwali to all my Indian readers and all the best!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Light smokey gray eyes: Look and Tutorial

Hi ladies,

It often happens that college going girls of even working women want to try a Smokey eye look....But they usually hesitate in doing so....Why???

1. Firstly they would think it to be dark look which would surely look odd.

2. Secondly these youngsters would feel such dark makeup would give an elderly and mature expression on their face. 

But no...I thought why not do a light Smokey eye look which can surely help these girls. 

Today I'm posting this look...Have a look!!


So first of all I applied light moisturizer on my face and then a very light coat of foundation. You can use a good concealer under your eyes or on any spot on your face. 

I haven't a used concealer here. After applying foundation, I gave very light touch of compact powder.


I applied light pink blush on my cheeks with my Vega blusher brush and blended it well. I gave very light touch of blush on my forehead and chin also.Note- This should be a very light touch which will give you a glow.


I applied stick foundation on my eye lids in place of primer. You can use a primer.

Then I applied gray shadow on my lids, from inner corner to the outer corner. I applied this shade only on my crease line then I took light silver white shade and applied it on the rest of my eyelids along with the brow bone. Blended it well. I gave a light touch of gray shadow in my lower lids with a thin brush.

Then I lined a thin line of liner and then mascara. You can use false lashes if you want. I have used lashes here.


I used a very light pink lip liner to make an outline of my lips then filled it with the same colored lipstick.

I wanted to make it more light so I took a tissue paper and kept on my lips, pressed it and made the shade even more lighter.

And then it's done.


Cheeks: I used- Chambor liquid foundation

              Revlon compact powder

              Chambor blush


I used- Chambor stick foundation in place of primer

               Maybelline eyeshadow combo- Grey matters ( both shades)

               Revlon eyeliner in Black Beauty

               Revlon lash fantasy mascara


I used- Colorbar liner in politely pink

          Loreal lipstick- Laetitia pink 706



And this was the full final look:

So guys hope you liked this look. Have a great and safe Diwali and an awesome weekend!!!!

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